What we must expect

Posted on February 13, 2013



75040_10152115835286758_955624824_nBy Singa Terhormat


In the run-up to the 13th GE, and in view of BN’s increasing desperation to hold on to power, there are various matters we ought to anticipate will likely occur and in the process not allow ourselves to be influenced or swayed by such happenings.

Amongst these matters and going by past elections I will venture to hazard a guess that the following will take place:


There will likely be announcements of mass crossovers of PKR, DAP, PAS and other allied party members switching their allegiance to BN arising from their purported disillusionment with their respective parties.

Newspapers, radio,tv and likely the internet media too will be having a field day on this almost on a daily basis.

As one who has observed this happening on numerous occasions in the past, do not be surprised if it is later discovered that many of the persons purportedly crossing over are actually BN members themselves disguised as opposition party members.

 Comments by NGO and Association representatives, (including religious bodies) and the man in the street

To show a groundswell in BN’s favour, interviews galore will be conducted and reported in the press and radio and screened on tv where persons will express their support for BN and badmouth the Opposition.

As in the past, many of them are BN members or those who have a vested interest in BN’s success, though of course that will not be disclosed during such interviews.

I recall one election where a certain academic appeared on tv, shamelessly campaigning for BN.

Shortly after the election, she was appointed a Vice-Chancellor of one of our Universities.

As alluded to in an earlier posting, the ‘worms’ are on their way out.

I had mentioned Dollah Ahmad then.

Musa Hassan is at it too.

So too Mahathir, who though not a candidate, is daily campaigning as though he is one.

It is almost as though they are afraid that if PR triumphs, there could be proper investigation into things done by them.

Stay “tuned” for more about Musa Hassan in a posting to come.

Scenes of chaos

Almost daily too all local tv stations will telecast chaotic scenes of uprisings/demonstrations and even clips of the May 13th incident to cower the rakyat into submission to BN’s rule.

There will also be talks, forums and comments on this.

In fact this has already started with Mahathir and Musa Hassan warning about the possibility of something similar to the Arab Spring taking place and Najib and Nazri Aziz asking that the losing party must be ready to accept defeat and not take to the streets.

In a way what they are telling us is that even if BN wins through wide-scale cheating, you are to accept such defeat without protest.

Is this their way of paving the way to cheat?

Racial/Religious issues—Hudud/Christianisation

Mark my words—this is going to be a big one.

All the signs are already there.

MCA. GERAKAN and MIC are going to attempt to frighten the non-Muslims about the introduction of Hudud and the Talibanisation of the country..

UMNO and PERKASA will on the other hand be demonizing the Christians and ranting on about their plans to turn Malaysia into a Christian state.

This will be the main issue in the Malay heartland.

In this, UMNO will exploit to the hilt the “under siege mentality” that they have heaped upon the Muslims here and in which UMNO will portray itself as the only savior of the Malay race and of Islam.

My advice to my Muslim brothers and sisters is to remind them that Muslims make up 60% of our population whilst Christians make up merely 9%.

There is absolutely no way Malaysia will be made into a Christian state after GE 13.

UMNO is merely misleading you for its own selfish ends.

Remember too that the Almighty, has told all of us:

“As for such [of the unbelievers] as do not fight against you on account of [your] faith, and neither drive you forth from your homelands, God does not forbid you to show them kindness and to behave towards them with full equity: for, verily, God loves those who act equitably.”… (Qu’ran Al Mumtahina: 60:8)

“…and you will certainly find the nearest in friendship to those who believe [to be] those who say: “We are Christians,” because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant.”…(Qur’an Al Maeda: 5:82)

And The Holy Prophet (pbuh) has in no uncertain terms reminded us:

“Beware!  Whoever is cruel and hard on a non-Muslim minority, or curtails their rights, or burdens them with more than they can bear, or takes anything from them against their ee will; I (Prophet Muhammad) will complain against the person on the Day of Judgment.” (Abu Dawud)

It is all about divide and rule, nothing less.

Connected to this will be accounts of disagreements between PAS and DAP and how unstable a Government comprising these two will be.

On this issue, I cannot emphasise enough that the Holy Prophet was sent, as the Holy Qur’an tells us, as a mercy to all Mankind. Yes, all Mankind, not just to the Muslims or believers. Will we Muslims then not try to follow in his footsteps?

During these trying times, two of my favourite quotations, from both a Muslim and a non-Muslim, are worth bearing in mind.

“Deeply, simply, he who cannot love,   cannot understand.”Tariq Ramadhan.

“Go not to the temple to put flowers upon the feet of God. First fill your own house with the fragrance of Love”.Tagore

Violence during campaigning

There will likely also be clips of violence and ill-mannered behavior during the campaign period.

Of course all such acts of violence will be attributed to the Opposition.

You might even get to see the culprits all dressed in Opposition-parties’ T-shirts during such acts of violence.

This is an old trick of BN carried out many times before.

Depending on BN’s level of desperation, you might even come across reports of arms caches being discovered.

Some of you may like to add to the list above. Please share your thoughts.

Also as these are some matters that we should expect and hence be prepared for, we ought to share them with others who may not frequent this blog so that they may be similarly prepared and not be taken in or influenced by reports of such happenings.

I therefore urge that you share these matters with those known to you.