ABU-Hindraf collaboration over, it would seem

Posted on February 15, 2013



As reported in Malaysiakini today, Hindraf’s Waythamoorthy has taken umbrage and, in my view, rightly so, to the public disclosure of what must surely have been private and confidential discussions between both Hindraf and Pakatan Rakyat leaders on both the matter of the indorsement of the latter’s blue print as well as the possibility of both working together in the coming GE.

I will avoid doing the same here.

I have been desperately trying to meet with Waytha to have a face – to – face discussion on several pressing issues, not least being Hindraf giving due consideration to meeting with Najib, a position patently at odds with the stated stance of ABU that we will not negotiate with robbers and thieves.

Yesterday, admittedly frustrated that no meeting appeared to be in sight and the GE looming, I sent Waytha the following sms :

“Is hindraf still with abu? Will you join us on the ground to deliver killer blows to umno/bn? I really need to know where you stand on this”

I do not propose to make disclosure here of the sms sent in response or the sms’ that were exchanged and leave it to Waytha to decide if he wishes to disclose the same. I have no objections whatsoever if he chooses to do so.

His immediate response to the sms above and my second sms to ask if I should assume that Hindraf regards itself as out of ABU left me with the distinct impression that such was the case.

If I have erred, no doubt Waytha will set me straight.

Until that happens, ABU will carry on the fight to bury UMNO/BN, with or without Hindraf by our side.