Musa Hassan and the Arab Spring

Posted on February 15, 2013




By Singa Terhormat


Of late ex-IGP, Musa Hassan, has been busy issuing warnings about the possibility or likelihood of ‘Arab Spring’ occurring here and insisting that whichever side is defeated in the 13th  GE must accept the verdict and not protest the outcome.

On 10th February, 2013 it was reported:

“To a question, Musa said that he would not join any political party but fight alone in the best interest of the religion, race and nation. He lamented that several politicians are willing to gamble the nation’s dignity and religion in order to achieve their political ambitions.

Previously, the US intelligence agency, the CIA, infiltrated governments to cause chaos but now the Jews and Westerners use NGOs to adopt liberalism.

They use NGOs demanding that the government become more transparent, encourage lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT).” (emphasis added)”.

Musa Hassan was also reported to say:

All these are done to weaken Islam. If liberalism is not adopted, the government is deemed as cruel…This tactic has managed to influence the people although the opposition which rule four states can’t do a good job”. (emphasis added)

In mentioning ‘Arab Spring’ and the need to accept the election results, Musa is  echoing what Mahathir himself has been saying of late.

Najib and Nazri too have been spouting the same thing.

Seems like a synchronized effort to me.

It appears that they know the only way BN can win is through outright cheating at the polls and hence they are preparing the people to accept such a result or risk an ‘Arab Spring’ occurring here.

They probably reckon that the people will rather choose to accept a Government that cheated at the polls rather than endure some degree of upheaval in having them removed.

In holding such a view, they may perhaps have underestimated the disenchantment of the people with BN’s shenanigans.

Just a few nights ago I had dinner with a friend, over the course of which she remarked that she just cannot bear the thought of having to endure a BN Government and all that that will mean for another 5 years. She almost lapsed into a state of deep depression just in entertaining that thought.

I daresay that that is a feeling shared by many.

Now we all know that Musa Hassan is not a very smart man.

In making those statements that I have quoted above, particularly those I have underlined, he has betrayed the strategy that BN will adopt.

He starts out saying he will not join any political party, in an attempt to show that he is neutral in the matter of local politics, but in mentioning that the opposition “cant do a good job” he reveals who his political masters are.

Then he goes on to mention weakening of Islam, so we know that that is an issue that is going to be played up by BN.

He mentions liberalism, so we know too that BN will accuse the Opposition, and particularly Anwar Ibrahim of acting against the interest of Islam by pandering to the Western mind. Probably part of a Jewish plot too.

In earlier postings I had opined that Mahathir is behind all that Musa Hassan and Deepak are up to.

Nothing has happened since to change my mind about it.

And lately Mahathir has even got Mathias in on the act.

Many more ‘worms’ will surface in the days to come.

Frankly though, I have been made to wonder whether there is a dearth of credible persons to do Mahathir’s bidding.

How much credence, for example, should be afforded to whatever Musa Hassan has to say?

What is his credibility?

Frankly, what really irked me when I read the above quoted reports about what he had to say were his references to religion and Islam and how he will fight in the best interest of Islam.

In a nutshell, Musa Hassan has no credibility as a Muslim, let alone wanting to act in the best interest of Islam.

In the case at Kota Kinabalu in which the ex-Director of CCID, Dato Ramli Yusuff, was charged and later acquitted, Judge Supang Lian in delivering judgement referred to Musa in the following terms:

 “This involves an assessment of the credibility of the witness called by the prosecution. His evidence is unreliable and is to be disregarded and whatever he says in court lends to his discredit. I am in total agreement with the case for the defence that this lack of support of the evidence of PW75 (IGP Musa Hassan) on this point lends to his discredit. In this regard I should mention that PW75 in his evidence gave an interpretation that is contrariwise to the testimonies of PW17, PW19, PW57 and PW73. I found however that the evidence of PW75 on this to be unreliable and to be disregarded.” (emphasis added)

Read those words again—“whatever he says in court lends to his discredit”.

That is another way of saying he told the Court untruths or lied in Court.

That is an offence of perjury, an extremely serious offence.

Remember the Jeane Pereira murder case where a witness who lied to the Court was subsequently sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for perjury?

Another ex-police officer, former city criminal investigation chief, Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim, has alleged that according to testimony in Court by Hospital Kuala Lumpur doctor Dr Zahari Noor, Musa had ‘stolen’ Anwar Ibrahim’s blood samples for the purpose of fabricating evidence.

Musa, as is now the trend, maintained an ‘elegant silence’.

In Anwar’s sodomy trial, Musa as the investigation officer was forced to admit that the condominium which had been identified as the scene of the alleged crime had not even been built at the relevant time, leading the prosecution team to then hurriedly have to change the date of the alleged offence.

Apart from the dishonesty involved, clearly a piece of shoddy and incompetent investigative work by Musa.

Lately, Hindraf chairman, P Waythamoorthy, accused Musa Hassan of being a liar.

Now that BN is desperate for Indian votes and Hindraf is being courted and given legal status, Musa denied that he had ever said that Hindraf was involved with the Sri Lankan Tamil freedom movement, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Waythamoorthy said that Musa had openly accused Hindraf of having LTTE links at least twice, one after the group’s Nov 25, 2007 mammoth demonstration and in an affidavit Musa affirmed and filed in Court.

Perjury again?

Musa has also in Court whilst giving evidence in Anwar’s trial misled with regard to his qualifications.

He misrepresented that he has a law degree or its equivalent whereas he only has a diploma in law,

Now this man wants to champion Islam?

How will God and the Holy Prophet (pbuh) view him?

The Holy Qur’an in Surah An-Noor verse 7 states:

“The curse of Allah be upon him if he should be among the liars”

It is reported of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) that he said:

“Should I inform you about the greatest of the great sins?”

He went on to inform his companions:

“To join others in worship with Allah and to be undutiful to one’s parents.”

He then sat up after he had been reclining and told them:

 “And I warn you against giving a lying speech (false statement).”

 It is reported that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) kept on repeating that warning until his companions thought he would not stop.

…reported in both Bukhari and  Muslim.

At Tirmidzi reported that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) delivered a sermon where he said:

“O you people! Giving false testimony is equal to ascribing partners to Allah.” He then recited, “Shun the abomination (worshipping) of idols and shun lying speech (false statements).”

(It is reported by Ibn Majah and Al-Hakim) that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said:

 “That on the Day of Judgement, the feet of the person who had given false witness will not move from their place before he will thrown into the fire of Hell.”

Fighting for religion and Islam then, are you Musa?

Remember the curse of Allah.