I’m alive, well, and kicking UMNO where it hurts most, folks!

Posted on March 10, 2013



75040_10152115835286758_955624824_n“Bro, no new postings. You makan angin ah? Election soon n u holidaying ah? Hope all is well with ABU n you” – email received from EC 2 weeks ago.


I wish, EC.

I’ve been on the ground, traveling through the constituencies, doing ABU work, both overt and covert.

Finding my way back to the ABU secretariat on weekends to join Hawkeye’s training sessions with new ABU volunteers.

And joining the ABU volunteers on their “Dari Rakyat Kepada Rakyat” walkabout campaign.

The first of such campaigns kicked off in Sungai Siput 2 weekends back.

Can’t share much more in this post about  that Sungai Siput campaign or the rest of the work that has been going on these last few weeks as  I am joining the ABU volunteers this morning in a “Dari Rakyat Kepada Rakyat” walkabout campaign in Semenyih.

Will share more of all the ABU happenings on the ground in a later post today after I am back from Semenyih.

This short post is just to tell those of you who have left messages of concern on my handphone and sent e-mails bearing the same message, that I love you too.