Yes, we are ready for BN. Bring it on, Jibby

Posted on March 17, 2013




Early last month, I bumped into Din Merican outside Maybank in TTDI.

It had been quite a while since we last met and I teased him quite a bit that day about how his recent marriage seemed to be doing him a world of good, he looking so trim and slim now.

As we were about to go our separate ways, Din cheekily asked :

“So, how is ABU, the one-man army, doing?” .

“You really think it is?” , I asked.

Still beaming his Deano Beano famous grin, he shot back : “Isn’t it?”

I laughed without offering a reply.

Din, I hope this post and the posts on the Dari Rakyat kepada Rakyat ABU eagle posts answer your question.


By 10th February, probably the most important work undertaken by any of the ABU teams to-date finally got completed.

Our Strategic Evaluation & Advancement Team (SEAT) had completed the analysis of the latest electoral roll.

Without the result of this analysis, I would not be able to begin my work on the ground in the constituencies with our operators and volunteers.

The ABU eagles Dari Rakyat kepada Rakyat initiatives in Sungai Siput on 24th February and in Semenyih on 10th March, and two more coming up next weekend?

These could only effectively happen with the analysis of the electoral roll.

I must also mention that the work of the Counter Propaganda Team (CPT) has been crucial in readying the material to take to the constituencies.

The Malay comic,

Comic1qintended for the Malay heartland, to debunk the highly ridiculous spin by UMNO and its media that if Pakatan came to power in Putrajaya, the nation would be Christianised, was ready.

I will alert you all when the PDF version of the comic has been uploaded on the ABU website so that you can do your part in distributing the same to the kampungs and the poorer sections of the Malay community in the towns and cities.

SEAT, CPT and the ABU volunteer training team having all effectively done their part, my task now loomed before me.

To go to ground and prepare the troops for the work in the coming days and weeks running up to polling day, and after.

And, as and when and wherever I was slated to speak, to share ABU’s strategy to ensure UMNO / BN are removed from Putrajaya.

You need reminding about that strategy?

First, ensure that the opposition offer only 1 candidate in all 222 parliamentary constituencies.

Second, carry out an effective media campaign, especially in the Malay heartlands, to counter the mainstream media lies.

Finally, to minimise the cheating on polling day.

12th February, Willie, KM and I set out for Kulim in Kedah, in a van laden with ABU printed material for distribution, to meet the team of ABU operators in Kedah as well as one of the PAS leaders to discuss a joint strategy.

Here, I received information of 15,000 Myanmaris holed up in Langkawi with Mykads and waiting to be deployed.

There’s a twist to this, though.

Apparently, they have also been issued local birth certificates with very local-sounding names, so the usual code ’71’ in Mykads to indicate ‘foreign-born’ does not appear in their Mykads, thus making it impossible to detect them in the electoral roll.

So how do we deal with this?


What’s that?

I’ll share that with you in another post very soon.

Shared the electoral roll analysis with the Kedah ABU team, together with the details of Ops TAHAN and the media war and left them ABU materials before heading out to meet the PAS leader.

It turned out that there was a PAS ceramah in Kulim that night and I was asked to speak.

This has become the two key points wherever I have been speaking for some time now.

Perang media.


Good meeting with the PAS leader followed.

1am, Willie, KM and I headed out to Ipoh, as I had a 9am meeting with YB Nizar followed by a meeting with YB Jeyakumar and, later, with ABU operators and volunteers, inluding members of PKR.

Good meeting with YB Nizar.

You will be hearing more of joint operations, involving the ABU eagles in Perak in the coming weeks.

Meeting with YB Jeyakumar was excellent.

Led to the agreement to do the ABU eagle Dari Rakyat kepada Rakyat initiative in Sungai Siput on the 24th of last month.

Good meeting with the ABU operators and volunteers.

ABU operators and volunteers in Perak

ABU operators and volunteers in Perak

Headed back to KL later that night.

The SAMM-ABU series of nationwide ceramah entitled  “Amaran: Tipu rakyat bangkit humban kamu” had kicked off earlier in the month and I was due to join the ceramah trail with Chegubard and other speakers next week, and would meet with other ABU operators and volunteers then.

18th February, drove up to Arau, Perlis.

Spoke at the ceramah, then met, briefed, and supped with ABU operators and volunteers.

Operators and volunteers in Arau

Operators and volunteers in Arau

supper with the team in Arau

supper with the team in Arau

Next day, ceramah and briefing with operators and volunteers in Sungai Petani.

Chegubard and team members in Sungai Petani

Chegubard and team members in Sungai Petani

20th February, ceramah and briefing for operators in Nibong Tebal.

I was due to speak at a ceramah and brief operators in Pasir Salak on 21st February, but had to abort and head out to George Town to meet UMNO informants.

23rd February, down to Pasir Gudang.

24th February, Sungai Siput.

25th February, off to Labuan for 2 days to brief volunteers.

No photos, please, they requested.

12th to 15th March, met operators in the east coast and spoke at a ceramah at Kuala Nerus on the 13th night.

Din, one-man army?

Bachok on the morning of the 15th

Bachok on the morning of the 15th

Kampung Gong Pau, Kemaman, on the 13th

Kampung Gong Pau, Kemaman, on the 13th

Indera Mahkota on the night of the 12th

Indera Mahkota on the night of the 12th

Volunteers with YB Jeyakumar in Sungai Siput

Volunteers with YB Jeyakumar in Sungai Siput

Supper with operators after the meeting in Pasir Gudang

Supper with operators after the meeting in Pasir Gudang

Operators in Johor

Operators in Johor

Team in Nibong Tebal

Team in Nibong Tebal