Err, DAP or indie, Wong Tack?

Posted on March 21, 2013



75040_10152115835286758_955624824_n12th March, enroute to the East Coast to speak at a ceramah at Kuala Nerus and to meet, brief and distribute ABU material to ABU operators and volunteers, I stopped off in Karak.

It had already been rumoured that Wong Tack would contest in Bentong and, I having lived in Karak and had my law firm in Bentong for almost 6 years, I thought I would try to get an idea of voter sentiment there.

Restaurant owner's son on my right.

Restaurant owner’s son on my right.

As it turned out, the restaurant I stopped at is owned by an MCA man so you can imagine his views.

To my surprise, I was informed that that very night, Guan Eng was in Bentong with Wong Tack to introduce the latter as the DAP candidate for Bentong.

Returning to KL on Friday, last week, I decided to stop over in Bentong to have a meal and a chat with my non-MCA buddy, Rocky, who runs a photo studio there.

With Rocky in the Bentong Cafe

With Rocky in the Bentong Cafe

What Rocky had to say was  encouraging, but also made it clear to me that some strategic planning and intelligent work in Bentong could well see Wong Tack bring down Liow Tiong Lai.

The following day, ABU eagle, Willie, was in Bentong for a wedding so I got him to also get a sampling of voter sentiment.

He called me to say Wong Tack was there too.

Willie went up to Wong Tack to convey my message to him : ABU was ready to help him win Bentong.

His personal assistant is supposed to get in touch.

Today, The Sun reports Wong Tack as saying that he will be contesting in Bentong as an independent green candidate.

It also reports, thankfully, Wong Tack’s clarification that he was still firm that the Lynas plant must shut down if there is a change of government post the 13th GE.

“My previous statement gave the impression that I welcome Lynas. I regret the way I spoke and wish to bring clarity to my stand”, Wong is reported to have said.

It is good that this has been clarified.

Now Wong Tack must clarify and not be vague about this : DAP or independent candidate?

I will only say this.

From  all that I have heard in Bentong, there may be value in his giving serious consideration to standing as an independent candidate.

Either way, ABU is ready to go to ground for him.