Putting paid to UMNO’s “Pakatan new government, nation Christianised” spin

Posted on March 22, 2013




When Soi Lek came out with his Hudud bogey man to scare the Chinese into not voting for the opposition, ABU came out with a comic to demonstrate that sleazeball Soi Lek was lying through his teeth.

Soi Lek's Hudud lies comic

Soi Lek’s Hudud lies comic

So when UMNO and its msm spin doctors started to spin that a Pakatan-led new federal government in Putrajaya would see the nation Christianised, our Counter Propaganda Team (CPT) got down to work to put something out that might put paid to UMNO’s latest lie.

The result?

ABU’s Jangan Makan Fitnah comic.


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