Grueling ABU eagles weekend

Posted on March 25, 2013




9 of us drove out to Indera Mahkota, Pahang, on Saturday for a full day program, that included a full two hour brainstorm with our local collaborators on the setting up of a SKUAD TAHAN Indera Mahkota to deal with foreign Mykad holders who show up to vote on polling day, and ended with a ceramah later that night.

Sunday morning, we headed to Temerloh, with 4 more driving up from KL for another full day program, and a ceramah later that night.

Got back to KL in the early hours of this morning, thoroughly exhausted but in high spirits.

Don”t know about you other eagles, but this old one has not yet recovered from the weekend and is still resting.

A fuller posting on the ABU eagles Dari Rakyat Kepada Rakyat last weekend when photos and video footage are in.

Good night, all.