RENOUNCE BN OR WE WILL ACT – Hindraf grass roots group gives Waytha 48 hours

Posted on April 9, 2013




Got this in my email yesterday.


Written by Selva, Asogan, Karu, Annathurai

We are the Hindraf Coordinators for Kedah in year 2007/2008. We were the main organizers for all the events that have taken part at district and state level. We are the grass root leaders of the original Hindraf Movement which was started in 2007. We remain the supporters of the Hindraf cause.

Now we are disappointed and shudder to think that P Waythamoorthy and N Ganesan have taken steps doing a deal and supporting the BN. This is not the struggle of the Hindraf. From day one, Hindraf is committed to remove UMNO and BN from power.
UMNO and BN are responsible for the marginalisation of Indians. For the past 55 years UMNO BN has oppressed the Indians. We cannot trust anymore that UMNO BN can bring changes to Indians.
State your stand
We call upon Waythamoorthy to publicly state that they WILL NOT support BN and that Hindraf will work to remove UMNO BN from power. This is the demand of the Hindraf’s grassroots supporters and the Indian community at all levels.
Also we understand that Waythamoorthy has requested Indians to stay away on polling day and not to vote. We feel this is a serious offence asking voters not to vote in the coming general election. It is against the constitution and we are appealing the Police and Election Commission to look into this matter.
Finally we call upon Waythamoorthy to respond within 48 hours failing which we will take appropriate steps to save the noble Hindraf movement.
Selva, Asogan, Karu and Annathurai were 2007/2008 Coordinators
Hindraf Supporters, Kulim / Padang Serai.