Ambiga, get real!

Posted on April 10, 2013



75040_10152115835286758_955624824_nBy Singa Terhormat


Malaysiakini of 9th April, 2013 reports Ambiga (of Bersih fame) as saying that ABU’s video where Haris warned foreigners who illegally obtained their MyKads from voting as “offensive”.


She is further reported to have warned ABU that “an electoral process which is marred by violence does no credit to the elections.”

Ambiga, what are you talking about?

The elections are already marred through Project IC and all the gerrymandering by Barisan.

What about all the violence done by BN goons at Pakatan ceramahs?


3XDo not mar the elections, you say? Where have you been all this while?

Ambiga, you are further reported to say that what should be stressed on “is to have a peaceful electoral process.”

Do you mean peace at all cost even in the face of the most blatant cheating this country has ever witnessed?

Peace even at the cost of the rakyat being cheated of their “voice” at the polls?

Would you shout out “peace” to a robber who breaks into your house intent on stealing your hard-earned belongings or worse still intent on raping you?

You say, Ambiga, that the proper way to “address anything suspicious at the polling stations is to note it down for further action via election petitions and not play vigilante.”

Would you do that to the would-be robber or rapist?

Election petitions?

Surely you jest, Ambiga?

Are you not aware that one of the principal needs for change is so that the Judiciary can be restored to its rightful independence?

What material difference is there when BN cheats its way to victory and in the process prolong its plundering from and raping of the rakyat to the case of the would-be robber and rapist?

Do you have first-hand knowledge of the suffering of the rakyat, particularly those marginalized and who have had to endure decades of abject poverty, suffering and discrimination?

4X5XDo you advocate telling them to be peaceful and patient, never mind their present suffering?

Maybe even offer the wrongdoers drinks like you did to those butt-shakers?

It is all too easy in an air-conditioned office to take the moral high ground and be oblivious of the daily suffering of people you have never met.