If not TAHAN, then what?

Posted on April 14, 2013




The Strategic Evaluation & Advancement Team (SEAT) spent almost a good two months analysing the electoral roll.

Among other things, the team sought to identify voters whose Mykads bore the middle digit ’71’, thus indicating that such voters were born overseas.

253,000 such voters were noted.

A criteria was used to try and distinguish those who were most likely overseas-born Malaysians from those who might be foreigners who have been given citizenship.

In respect of the second group mentioned above, a second criteria was used to try and identify those who had acquired their citizenship legitimately and distinguish these from the ‘warganegara segera’.

This exercise disclosed that a large number of those with the middle digits ’71’ in their Mykads are in fact overseas-born Malaysians.

Of the others, those suspected of being warganegara segera have been noted, are being investigated, and will be looked out for at their polling stations on polling day.

That is all I will say about these possible warganegara segera.

There is, though, a bigger concern.

In early February, whilst in Kulim, I received information of about 15,000 Myanmar migrants, now with Mykads, being holed up in Langkawi and waiting to be deployed.

Along with the Mykad, they’ve also had issued to them local birth certificates and given very local-sounding names.

Which means their Mykads do not contain the middle digits ’71’, and its next to impossible to spot them in the electoral roll.

Based on information from sources within the NRD, the 15,000 in Langkawi is just the tip of the iceberg.

We are told that the number of such-like warganegara segera is close to two million.

I cannot say how accurate this information is but looking at what emerged from the Sabah RCI, I think we have every reason to be concerned.

Written warnings have been and will continue to be delivered to the migrant workers not to show up to vote on polling day.

Is this enough?

What if they still turn up to vote on polling day?

Look the other way?

Take photographs as evidence to support election petitions to be filed into courts subservient to UMNO?

For obvious reasons, I shall not detail here the plan that has been put in place by TAHAN, other than to say it has  been well thought through.

Does anyone else have a plan?

If so, ABU would be grateful to hear from you as soon as possible.

If not, please, let us get on with the job.

As for those Malaysians who have the middle digits ’71’ in their Mykad and who appear concerned that the TAHAN folk might get in the way of their voting, let me put it this way.

You live in a gated community where your friends who are intent on entering to visit you are required to disclose their Mykad, most likely to foreign security guards?

Given the ever-increasing crime rate, you expect your visitors to understand and co-operate?

Well, on polling day, you know the TAHAN folk are on your side and are there to make sure your vote is not diluted by unwelcome warganegara segera. Give them your understanding and o-operation and everything will be fine.