Party logos or party egos? Whatever, bury them if you want to see this nation ABU’d!

Posted on April 14, 2013




In a post on 12th December, last year, I wrote :

“We can work our socks off in Parts 1 and 2 of Phase 1 of the ABU War, and it will all come to naught if we do not get this most important Part 3 right.

Yes, enough 3 cornered contests in the 222 parliamentary constituencies caused by the inability of the opposition parties to collectively offer only 222 candidates in all the parliamentary seats, and be ready to see UMNO /BN take Putrajaya again”.

The ABU eagles are on their way back from their Dari Rakyat Kepada Rakyat efforts in Cameron Highlands yesterday and in Tapah earlier today, in furtherance of Part 1 of Phase 1 of the ABU war against UMNO /BN.

The work to establish and train Skuad TAHAN in all constituencies is ongoing.

Yet, all of this will be in vain if the non-BN parties do not get their act together and ensure that they do not 2 or 3-corner each other on polling day.

I also said this in that earlier post :

“Pakatan Rakyat cannot and will not be able to bring BN to its knees by itself.

Its going to require the combined force of all these parties working towards 1 goal : ABU.

And that will require them to bury party egos, adopt a give and take attitude and work it so  that we offer only 1 candidate in every constituency”.

Two days ago, FMT reported that it was settled that PKR’s Ibrahim Menudin would contest the Labuan parliamentary seat and that DAP and PAS would not offer any candidate for that seat.

Labuan settled at last, I thought.

Yesterday and today, I have received sms’s from DAP and PKR members in Labuan that this matter is still not resolved.

Both DAP and PAS are still intent on contesting in Labuan!

As for Sabah, my fears that we will see the Batu Sapi fiasco re-enacted all over the state appears well-founded, if the report in FMT today is to be believed.

And Malaysiakini reports today that PAS is going to contest in 7 seats in Sarawak, where DAP or PKR have already earmarked candidates to contest.

Ask anyone who knows anything about the politics in Sarawak and they will tell you that PAS does not have a leg to stand on there.

So why this happening now at this eleventh hour?

Malaysikini’s report last Friday, though, for me, takes the cake.

“PKR and its close ally Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) may end up in three-cornered fights in Selangor state seats Semenyih and Kota Damansara if they cannot resolve their differences.

The source of acrimony is PKR’s insistence on PSM using the former’s party logo to contest in the coming general election, following what PSM had done in 2008″.

Is this all they care about?

Party logo and not the candidate who offers us the best chance of ABUing the constituency?

Go to ground in Kota Damansara and ask around and you will find that the incumbent ADUN, PSM’s Nasir Hashim, is much loved.

Same goes for PSM’s Arul in Semenyih.

Are we going to lose these seats to BN over a childish, egoistic feud over which logo to use?


Left on their own, the political parties will not put aside party interest.

Such is their nature.

Its time the rakyat intervene in this matter.

On 11th January, this year, I wrote in this regard :

“For every constituency that you, the non-BN political party leaders are unable to reach agreement so that only one candidate is offered from amongst yourselves, thus occasioning 3 or more cornered contests, we must expect that the magical 121 figure mentioned above to be correspondingly reduced.

Whilst we can expect UMNO / BN to field independent candidates in the hope of confusing voters and themselves causing 3 or more cornered contests, we expect you to not contribute to this confusion and, as such, expect you to adopt a spirit of compromise amongst yourselves, having as your priority the removal of UMNO /BN from Putrajaya rather than your respective party interests.

In this regard, we will leave to you to negotiate amongst yourselves to come to agreement on the sharing of seats.

If you fail to come to a consensus, then what?

Dr. Kua Kia Soong has mooted the idea of an objective non-partisan civil society adjudicatory committee to resolve the matter.

I think this is workable.

Where all negotiations have failed to reach a consensus on a single candidate in respect of any one or more constituencies, we propose that you collectively refer the resolution of the dispute on the candidate for that constituency or constituencies, as the case may be, to a civil society adjudicatory committee, whose decision must be accepted by all of you as final and conclusive.

For constituencies in Malaya, I would like to propose a 3-member committee, to be made up by Farouk Musa of the Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF)  , Liao Kok Fah of the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall and lawyer and blogger Azhar Azizan Harun ( aka Art Harun ), subject to these individuals agreeing to undertake this task.

I also propose that a separate 3-member civil society committee for Sabah and Sarawak be constituted under the stewardship of Simon Sipaun”.

Nomination is in six days.

We do not have the luxury of time.

PAS, PKR, DAP, PSM, SAPP, STAR Sabah, will you heed our call?