PSM agree to submit the DAP-PSM deadlock in Jelapang to civil society mediation and final decision

Posted on April 18, 2013



“We note from media reports that PR component parties may land up contesting each other come nomination day. To avoid this unnecessary conflict that goes against the aspirations of the Rakyat we are prepared to establish a Committee of civil society members to act as mediators” – excerpt from statement issued by  Group of Concerned Citizens yesterday.


I got a phone call from Arul of PSM last night to inform me that, with a view to ensuring only one candidate from the opposition parties will face BN in Jelapang, PSM agreed to have the present deadlock between them and DAP referred to mediation by a civil society Committee.

PSM, Arul told me, would abide by the decision of such a Committee as to whether DAP or PSM contest in Jelapang.

Half an hour ago, I sent the following sms to Lim Guan Eng and Nga Kor Ming :

“Haris Ibrahim here. PSM hv informed me that they accept the offer by our civil society group to mediate in the impasse btwn DAP-PSM re Jelapamg to avoid a 3-corner contest which will only favour BN. They agree that the decision of the civil society committee shall be final. Will DAP agree to this? Pls revert asap. TQ”.

Nga has since reverted to say that the decision rests with the party leadership.

I now, with much hope, await an early response from Guan Eng.