Let us fight to free Malaysia! I promise you. ABU!

Posted on April 22, 2013



A bad case of rhinitis in the early hours of Saturday morning kept me from going to the nomination centre to lend support to Arul’s candidacy in Semenyih.

Later that day, tracking all the nominations and seeing so many multi-cornered fights, especially in Sabah, only served to remind me again why I am pro-rakyat, and not pro the opposition parties.

Late Saturday night, sat with the Strategic Evaluation and Advancement Team (SEAT) to analyse the multi-cornered seats and to re-evaluate ABU positions.

Got back home early Sunday morning and continued to re-visit our strategies.

Then, last night, a brief and most welcome distraction from this war with UMNO / BN.

Spurs vs Manchester City at 8.30pm.

What a game!

Midway through, though, got a call that ABU eagles down south had gotten into a bit of a bother. The secretariat was attending to it.

Went for a meeting in PJ at 11 and even as I forced myself to focus on the discussion, my heart was with the eagles.

Meeting over, and as I went to pay for the drinks, a gentleman by the name of Ben came up to me, shook my hands, and pressed RM200 into my hand for the ABU War Fund.

This has been happening every other day.

Joined two journalist friends who were in the same restaurant for a quick chat, one of whom was lamenting that, given the number of multi-cornered fights, it was no more ‘Ini Kalilah’ but  ‘Lain Kalilah’.

I begged to differ.

Spoke to the secretariat. Problem sorted out. Eagles on their way home shortly.

Driving home past midnight, the mixed emotions of the past 48 hours finally got to me.

I parked on the roadside, and as I teared, I asked, again and again, “Give me strength”.

Got back about a half hour ago, checked my email, and there was these words from a fellow ABU eagle, with a video.

I am strengthened.

Thank you, bro.

I’d like to share his words and the video with all of you.


I know many of us are starting to feel the exhaustion of this war against the tyranny of UMNO/BN. We are a mere 2 weeks away from victory. Stay steadfast and hold to these wise words in the video below close to you. And you will gain the strength to fight on to the end. Let us fight to free Malaysia! I promise you. ABU!