Why I will vote for Hee Loy Sian in PJ Selatan P105 this 13th GE

Posted on April 22, 2013


many-colours-one-dream75040_10152115835286758_955624824_nNajib has been a Member of Parliament since 1976.

Bung Mokhtar Radin since 1999.

Both of them epitomise the incompetence and absence of integrity that we have had to endure from the government side of Parliament, at least since the time of Mahathir.

Then we’ve had the clever fellows, but totally devoid of integrity and as we found out a little too late, without any loyalty to their voters.

Wee Choo Keong comes to mind.

There are three qualities that I would require my elected representative to have.

First, competence to handle the job of a law-maker and scrutineer of proposed government policies

Second, unquestionable integrity.

Third, loyalty to your electorate before loyalty to party.

Yes, I am an idealist.

Gullty as charged.

The ideal candidate should, in my view, possess all three.

However, for the purposes of this 13th GE, and the objective of a regime change in Putrajaya, I would be prepared to settle for a representaive who might lack in the competence department but who has given us no reason to question his integrity.

In 2o11, opposition MPs were subjected to two tests, one by civil society and the other by UMNO / BN.

Whilst still president of MCLM, together with volunteers and a criteria designed for use by PKR that was made available to me, we evaluated the opposition MPs.

Many did not  fare well.

Hee was one of them.

Then came the UMNO / BN test.

You will remember in early 2011, 5 PKR MPs declared themselves independent and BN-friendly.

UMNO / BN needed 2 more crossovers to regain their 2/3 majority in parliament.

I was told then that the offer went up to as high as RM20m for any two who might crossover to also declare themselves BN-friendly, and that the 5 who had crossed over earlier were kicking themselves for not holding out for more.

I do not  know if Hee was approached.

If he was, he did not succumb.

And if he was not, it could well be that UMNO / BN knew he would not bite their bait.

Hee, in my view, had passed the integrity test.

In the days after the results of the 13th GE are announced, we must anticipate Najib & Co will try to go on a buying spree to boost their numbers in parliament.

Up to now, Hee has given me no reason to believe that he is capable of being enticed by any such inducements.

That, for me, is reason enough to give him my vote.

This election, we must prioritise men and women of integrity over all else, if we are to keep the new non-BN government in Putrajaya intact, and not see it go  the way of the Pakatan government in 2009.

We’ll look for competency in the 14th GE, when we, the rakyat, have taken our nation back from robbers and thieves and are in the driving seat.