Questions for Raja Nong Chik

Posted on April 24, 2013


many-colours-one-dream75040_10152115835286758_955624824_nBy Singa Terhormat


Malaysiakini reports that Raja Nong Chik has challenged Nurul Izzah to state what she has contributed for the constituents. When asked to debate her though, he came up with the silliest of excuses, that he is not supposed to debate.

He then went on to speak of his 7P philosophy comprising development, housing, maintenance, hawkers, enforcement, public transportation and a caring attitude.

Let us take development and housing first. Anyone who lives in KL knows that development has been haphazard. High-density development is allowed without proper consideration afforded to whether adequate infrastructural facilities are in place. It is a matter, as in most others, of allowing private interest to override public interest.

The haphazard development and poor planning has in no small way contributed to the daily massive traffic jams, as anyone living in KL will testify to, as well as the flooded roads and highways whenever there is a heavy downpour.

Property developers are allowed in each subsequent phase of their development to build smaller units at higher prices to increase their profits at public expense. ‘Green areas’ slowly disappear as they are alienated to private developers to build, build and build. Why does the approving authority in DBKL permit this when they are supposed to protect the interest of the rakyat?

Related to these is the problem of public transportation. It is only now, after the residents of KL have suffered for decades putting up with massive traffic jams daily, that the authorities have woken up to the problem. Why after so long? Why do you keep on approving more and more high-rise buildings in the city when the proper public transportation  is not in place yet?

On the matter of maintenance, hawkers and enforcement, my earlier posting on Nong Chik’s report card says it all. There has been poor service rendered in all these matters.

Let us move on to some more important matters though.

Nong Chik, please tell us, as a Federal Minister accountable to the entire rakyat of this country and having collective responsibility with the other members of the Federal Cabinet for Government policies and all its actions/omissions irrespective of which Ministry you head, what have you said or have to say about:

  1. The      NFC scandal.

Did you or do you condemn it? What will you do to try to retrieve the RM250 million of public funds?

  1. The      murder of Altantuya

Tell us your views on the many injustices associated with her murder including the alleged role of your boss and his brother in SD1 and SD2.

  1. The      Scorpene commission

Are you going to press for the recovery of the hundreds of millions of public funds lost, Nong Chik? Will you press for those involved in taking the commission to be prosecuted?

  1. Project IC.

What do you have to say in the face of the most treasonous acts committed against the people of this nation in allowing foreigners determine our people’s future? Or are you going to ‘bury your head in the sand’?

  1. Racism

Telling us that your wife is Chinese appears to be the limit of what you have done to put an end to the endemic racism practised in this country? Many of your party members openly and regularly condemn the Chinese and you remain silent. Why do you not reprimanded them? Will you speak out against the extremism of Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin?

  1. Declining educational standards

When your other boss, Muhyiddin, proudly declared that our educational standard is higher than that of the UK, US and Germany, did you advise him at the following Cabinet meeting that what he said is a whole lot of crap or did you just flash him your toothy smile? Did you not tell him that if what he said is true, then why are we spending millions and millions of the rakyat’s money to send our brighter students to obtain an ‘inferior education’? Or were you unable to discern truth from falsehood?

These are just some of the many issues that a Federal Minister is responsible for to the rakyat, Nong Chik. Maybe you did not know as you came into the Cabinet through the ‘back door’, but being a Federal Minister is not just about painting buildings, repairing drains and the like. Well, not unless you do not mind being known, as some in blogosphere have referred to you, as the ‘longkang Minister’.

You see, Nong Chik, Nurul Izzah’s role is not to paint buildings and repair drains etc.

Such matters fall under the responsibility of the local authority.

She is an elected Member of Parliament, which means that her main function is as a legislator.

Her role is to deal with existing and proposed legislation and Government policies and implementation.

This she has done quite admirably in frequently dealing with national issues.

In your case, Nong Chik, sadly you have not fulfilled your role as a Cabinet Minister as you have said or done next to nothing on national issues.

Anyway here is your chance now.

Please let us have your answers on the 6 matters listed above for a start.