Will the good people of Klang step forward to TAHAN your polling stations on 5th May?

Posted on April 24, 2013




Spoke at Klang last night to about 200-300 people.

To my question if they would step forward to defend the polling stations on polling day, I got a resounding “YES”.

I am now going to ask those of you present last night to walk your “YES” talk.

In fact, I am calling on every Klangite to step forward to defend your right to decide who represents Klang in Parliament post the 13th GE.

You, or the warganegara segera created by UMNO / BN?

ABU wants to train you to be ready to help the TAHAN squad on polling day.

If you are game, send us your details at http://asalkanbukanumno.com/2013/02/02/sukarelawan-abu/