ABU N34 Bukit Gasing debate taken off the calendar

Posted on April 25, 2013


many-colours-one-dream75040_10152115835286758_955624824_nI’ve just had confirmed that the Glad Tidings Church and St. Francis Xavier Church are both organising debates / forums where all 4 ADUN candidates and the 3 MP candidates would  be on hand to interact with voters.

I understand that the one at Glad Tidings will be on Sunday, 28th April, whilst SFX will host the event on Tuesday, 30th April.

My reasons in mooting the debate for this Saturday were many.

One was to give the voters a chance to get up close and personal with the non-BN candidates.

Another, and the more important, was to enable those who shared my concerns that, the three non-BN candidates, each having their own respective strengths and their own following, might each draw upon and split the opposition vote bank, thus allowing the BN candidate to get in by default, to urge the three to sit down and work it out amongst themselves so that only one would face BN on polling day.

As I told one of them, even if they needed to settle it over a game of poker, the losers throwing their support behind the winner, do it for the sake of the people of Bukit Gasing.

Mak, Rajiv and Simon, if you are reading this, then this is my appeal,  as a voter and on behalf of other like-minded voters in Bukit Gasing, to the three of you.

I do not want to be represented by Gerakan post the 13th GE.

Yet, this might happen by default simply because the three of you split the votes and let him in through the back door.

Let this GE13 be a time when we sacrifice for the greater good of the people.

If you are in this contest because you have the best interest of the people of  Bukit Gasing at heart, as I am sure you do, then understand that our best interest lies in not having Bukit Gasing go back to BN.

Please meet, discuss and emerge with just one of you to face BN on polling day.

To the others reading this, I will share my other reasons for wanting to initiate this debate after we have taken Putrajaya.

For now, please be informed that the same is cancelled.

Both Mak and Simon have been informed.