When the going gets tough, bomb out your own ceramah and centres

Posted on April 26, 2013


many-colours-one-dream75040_10152115835286758_955624824_nRemember the cow head protest in August 2009 in Shah Alam?

Carried out by UMNO bozos from Shah Alam, but they tried to create the impression that the protestors present were not just UMNO members, but also from PKR and PAS?


Remember Hishamuddin speaking out in defence of those protestors at a press conference soon after the incident?


They’d hoped to get a reaction from the Hindus, but our Hindu brothers and sisters did not fall  for it.



High Court decision in December, 2009 on the ‘use of Allah’ by Christians.

Remember the call for demonstrations at mosques in KL after Friday prayers?


No takers!

Malaysians are more mature than UMNO had expected, so a bit of DIY was called for.

Burn some churches.

Then torch some suraus.

Heck, toss some pig heads into mosque compounds for good measure.



Civil society had to stick its nose where it was not wanted.

On 15th January, 2010, in a post, I shared that earlier that week, I had tea with some UMNO people who confirmed that UMNO was behind the initial church attacks.

Tiresome, these meeting with these UMNO fellows but, as you will see shortly, it has its uses.

Yesterday, my good friend, Ambiga, speaking on behalf of my other former colleagues in the BERSIH 2.0 steering committee, condemned the bombing that occured at a BN ceramah in Nibong Tebal the night before. Malaysiakini has the report HERE.

As reported by Malaysiakini, apart from the incident in Nibong Tebal, there were also petrol bomb attacks targeting BN operations centres at Sungai Leman in Selangor the day before, and in Ipoh in the early hours of yesterday morning, and BERSIH have praised the police for having acted swiftly.

The police?

Nah, let’s figure this out ourselves.

There appears a pattern, no?

Serial bombing?

Who by?

First, note the warning by Hishamuddin recently, even before Parliament was dissolved, that we would witness escalating violence during the 13th GE campaign period.


Now, excluding the possibilty of a loony arsonist on the prowl, I’d say there are three possible culprits responsible for these acts of violence.

First, UMNO and its supporters or paid trouble makers.

Remember their track record?

Second, Pakatan and its supporters or paid trouble makers.

Trouble with this is there is no track record.

Third, a militant group not aligned to either side of the political divide.

Trouble with this is there is not even evidence that such a group even exists.

On paper, then, three possibilities, but based on what we know, one probability.


Is there motive?

It gets interesting.

Three days ago, I was made privy to the details of an intelligence report.

BN will lose.

A new non-BN government with 125 parliamentary seats.

The next day, same findings from another source.

Later that same day, UMNO fellows from the north met me, first to ask a favour and then to share some information.

The favour?

If Pakatan won, could they count on me to help them out in certain matters?

We’ve met several times this year, mostly to try and dig information out from each other, but this was the first time that they were openly considering their options if BN lost.

I asked why this sudden concern.

They spoke of intelligence reports that had BN losing and which reports  had the UMNO leadership absolutely terrified about going to the polls next weekend.

Did the report indicate how many seats opposition would take?


Then they shared information.

Next week, a run on essential items at supermarkets and provision shops would be contrived, so as to give the impression to the public that people were stocking up in anticipation of trouble.

The objective : scare voters to not  come out and vote, fearing that there would be trouble.

They also shared about a plan, information of which I had received about 10 days earlier, to agitate anger on the part of the Malays towards the Chinese, in the hope that this might turn Malay voters away from DAP.

ABU’s already got a plan in place to neutralise this evil design.

So, there you have it.

Told you we would not need the police to figure out whodunnit, and why.

Now I’ll tell you one other thing.

I do not fear them.

Do you?