Of unholy unions, pambu feting soonambu, and Mamak Kutty trying to scare this nation

Posted on April 30, 2013


many-colours-one-dreamABUThe pre-nuptial pledges in place, Najib led his latest conquest into the bridal chamber.


What transpired behind closed doors between these two new lovers, I leave to your  imagination, but what hope springs forth from this unholy union?

zul noordin dicium lelaki IndiaZul Noordin bearing a tray of sireh for the Indians!

“Malaysia is like ‘sireh’ (betel leaf). The betel leaves are the Malays, the betel nut (pinang) are the Chinese, while the Indians are the ‘kapur’ (Malay for limestone paste).

“The portion for ‘soonambu’ (Tamil for limestone paste) might be small but it’s very important for the betel,” Malaysiakini.

The pambu now slithering up to the soonambu!

This sinna pambu (small snake) is acting at the behest of the peria pambu (big snake) from Kerala, Mamak Kutty.

Malaysiakini reports :

‘He is not shy to discuss the controversial video whenever he takes the stage, using it as “evidence” of the “indoctrination of hate” by PAS and Pakatan Rakyat, on which he is now blaming his racist indiscretion.

“This is what they preach. They teach Malays to hate Chinese and Indians, and vice versa.

“And they even pit Malays to hate each other. For them, anyone who is not with them is an enemy,” he told some 300 Shah Alam MIC members’ .

This would  be laughable if it were not for the fact that this is all part of Mamak Kutty’s scheme to raise the spectre of May 13 again, sow hatred amongst the Malays towards the Chinese, and raise tensions between the races in time for polling day on 5th May.

Bridget Welsh, reporting through Malaysiakini, states thus :

“Less than one week before Malaysians cast their vote in what is arguably the most competitive election in history, the campaign has taken a worrying turn. In what has been part of a no-holds-barred strategy, the use of fear and division has come to the fore, especially on the part of the BN…

…Besides the issue of religion, there has been the open use of racial insecurity as a means to mobilise voters. The formula is one of old politics – that of the bygone Mahathir era. Malays have been told their position is going to be usurped by the Chinese, while the Chinese have been sent threatening letters suggesting another May 13 riot.

DAP leader Lim Kit Siang continues to be accused of provoking the 1969 riots, even though he was not in Peninsular Malaysia when they happened. Racial propaganda based on factual inaccuracies, such as the ‘Tanda Putera’ movie – reportedly standing in the wings of mass public showings and currently screened in private – has now become so common place that everything spouted raises questions of credibility”.

In my ceramah, I have warned as such.

This week, expect to see a run of essential items contrived at provision shops and supermarkets.

Mahathir wants to create the impression of people hoarding essentials in the expectation of trouble, in the hope that voters may be fearful of coming out to vote on polling day.

And either on the eve of polling day, Tanda Putera will be screened on all the major TV stations, to stir up hatred on the part of Malays, especially the young, towards the Chinese, courtesy of Suhaimi Baba’s less than truthful account of that tragic part of our national history.

This message has been making its way around cyberspace and through sms’s.

“BN will lose majority seats in Parliament … Pakatan Rakyat will win enough seats to form the new Federal Government. So starts what will be dirtier than an already a dirty campaign for PRU13. Among the rumors are desperate last gasp moves by UMNO/BN will include the follwings:
1) Create shortage of supply at markets and supermarkets – cooking oil, sugar, rice, salt etc … to propagate the feeling of people storing up in case of Emergency.
2) Broadcast the film “Tanda Putera” (about May 13, 1969) on ALL mainstream TV and cable stations starting Thursday/Friday (2nd/3rd May 2013) to incite anger among the Malays and fear among the non-Malays. Hoping to keep urban non-Malay voters at home on polling day … and also inciting the unthinkable come 6th May if BN loses power” .

To counter the first of Mahathir’s dirty tricks mentioned above, please send out this sms to everyone you know : “If you cant buy rice, sugar, flour this week, its becos UMNO is hiding these items to make you think there is going to be trouble in the country so u do not go out to vote on 5/5/13. Do not believe their lies. Do not fear them. Please vote. Share this message”.

If any of you can come up with a shortened version, please share it here.

Please take this message as the first of many that ABU will ask you to share in the coming days.

How do we do with Mahathir’s second evil plan.

ABU has come up with a short video message to warn people of this plan.

Please help to viral it.

As for Waythamoorthy’s call to the Indians to give his new lover a 2/3 majority, ABU has also come out with a video to counter this.

Please help to take it out far and wide.