Latest intelligence report

Posted on May 2, 2013


many-colours-one-dreamABUModerator’s note : Even as I was preparing this post for uploading, I got  the following extremely reliable report : Opposition to win 126 seats provided the wholesale cheating which is underway can be stopped.


By Singa Terhormat

The latest intelligence report I have received (today) states that PR and BN are running neck-to-neck and it is still too close to call. Obviously what transpires the next few days will determine the outcome.

The report also states that in Peninsular Malaysia, there is still a relatively large segment of the Malay vote that is hanging in the balance and is up for grabs, whilst the Chinese vote overwhelmingly favours PR. The Indian vote meanwhile is in favour of BN, though not as overwhelming as the Chinese vote is for PR.

The report adds that the strategy now, amongst others, is to dissuade the Chinese from coming out in large numbers to vote. To achieve this, a few incidents may occur over the last two days before polling designed to frighten the Chinese from coming out to vote.  The media, especially television stations, will of course then have a field day continuously highlighting these incidents. To my Chinese brothers and sisters out there, I urge you not to be taken in by these matters. Together, let us march forth and save this nation. The only thing to fear is fear itself.

Ini kali lah!

In addition, the report informs that they have just about given up trying to scare the non-Malays about hudud and the Islamic state. They just are not biting the bait.

In desperation, the grapevine now states that the aim is to scare the Malays and Muslims about the so-called plans to Christianise Malaysia. Stage-managed video-clips alluding to these may be circulated. Such stage-managed productions, for the uninitiated, are easy to spot. They hardly ever show a crowd or audience in the video-clip as it is staged solely for the purpose of the camera. Also, the stage-actors are always shown facing the camera directly. Let us hope that the Malays will not be deceived this time.

They should recall the elections of 1990 when a forged letter from purportedly the Pope to Joseph Pairin (who had then just withdrawn PBS from BN and joined PAS, DAP and Semangat 46) congratulating Pairin on his efforts to Christianise the nation. This was followed up with allegations that Tengku Razaleigh would sell the country to the Christians on the basis of a picture of him wearing a Kadazan headgear that had a ‘crucifix’ on it. The so-called crucifix was in fact a padi-stalk. The media however ‘went to town with it’ interviewing supposedly Malays at random in the street, all of who condemned Tengku Razaleigh. Overnight the Malays switched their support to BN and the rest is history.

Apparently a somewhat similar tactic is to be adopted, though with the advance of technology, video-clips may be used instead of documents, as was the case of the purported letter from the Pope.

I wish to impress upon the Malays and Muslims that by giving their vote to PR and for change, there is no likelihood for the Christianisation of this country. My assertion is based on the following:

1)     Presently the Muslims form about 60% of the population. That works out to approximately 17 million out of a population slightly above 28 million. The Christians form about 9% of the population. That works out to approximately 2 and a 1/2 million.

2)     If PR succeeds, they get to form the Government for not more than 5 years after which the rakyat get to choose again.

3)     It is well-nigh impossible for 2 and a 1/2 million people over a period of 5 years to override the wishes of 17 million people during that period of 5 years.

4)     Bear in mind too that the Sultans, as heads of the religion of Islam in their respective states, will not take matters lying down.

5)     Also, the heads and the bulk of personnel of the Armed Forces and the Police are all Malay-Muslims.

When viewed objectively the chances of the Christianisation of this nation within the next 5 years is nil. Do not therefore fall for any such last-ditch deceptive attempt by BN to save itself, as they successfully did in 1990 and then proceeded to plunder the nation.

The time is now. Ini kali lah!

Insya Allah (God willing) we shall in the wee hours of 6th May proclaim aloud Subahan’Allah (Glory be to God).