The trouble with UMNO is they think everyone is as stupid as they are

Posted on May 2, 2013



Remember the explosion at the BN ceramah in Nibong Tebal?

Remember in my  “When the going gets tough, bomb out your own ceramah and centres”, I had walked you through a process of reasoning whereafter the only plausible conclusion was that that explosion and the other acts of violence were UMNO /BN’s own doing?

See the poster below?


It made its way around in cyberspace soon after those incidences of violence at ceramah and BN party centres.

See the attempt to link the Nibong Tebal explosion to the BERSIH rallies, below the caption “Don’t destroy our Malaysia just to win the GE 13”?

Does that  tell you who’s trying to make mileage out of those ‘acts of violence’?

Doesn’t need a genius to  figure  that out, right?

Trouble is UMNO thinks we are all too dumb to see through their ploys!

Take Baljit’s stupid attempt to resurrect the Hudud scare.

Is there no one in their numerous think-tanks who thinks 10 steps ahead about the possibility that their evil attempts to scare the rakyat may be seen for what they really are, and backfire?

Their latest move?

A Youtube video depicting a group of Jews praying that we Malaysians will finally  see justice in our land by a regime change post the 13th GE is being spun to link Pakatan to Israel!


Walk through this with me. folks.

First, The Mole carries this story on 30th April.

Now, you all know who is behind The Mole, right?

Yes, the one and only Rocky’s Bru.

Then you have another UMNO sycophant in a clearly contrived interview being aired through Youtube asserting that this video is evidence linking Anwar and Pakatan to Zionist Israel!

And a whole host of pro-UMNO blogs going the same way.

No, I am not  going to link that video or those blogs here and give them further viewing.

Do they think we have forgotten who paid the Israeli outfit, APCO, RM76million of our money to sanitise his image?

Let me give you an example to demonstrate how pathetic UMNO, knowing they are staring at the real likelihood of losing on 5th May, have become.

Where does ABU get its funding?

The rakyat.

Yes, from all of you.

And as you fund us, you have all taken ABU far and wide, urging more and more rakyat to support this cause.

We, at ABU, are humbled, and yet, oh, so proud to have so many Malaysians openly supporting us all the way in this quest to take our nation back for our people.

Suppose, though, that it was not you, the rakyat, who were funding us, but some foreign outfit that was surreptitiously funding us.

Would that foreign outfit, whilst secretly funding us, then go and make a video in their name to support our cause, and upload it on the internet?

Think, please.

Every other day, I get emails from Muslims, Christians and people of other faiths  to say that they, their families and their communities are praying for the safety and success of this struggle by the rakyat to end the reign of UMNO / BN.

Malaysians, and non-Malaysians, the world over, of different faiths and in their own unique way, are praying that this weekend will usher in a new dawn for all Malaysians.

Do we thank God for this universal support, albeit in spirit, or do we spurn this outpouring of goodwill, and view the same with suspicion?

Worse, do we manipulate the words of well-wishers, to be used to rip into our adversaries, to sow discord between our own people, to serve selfish ends?

This, only UMNO does.

Like the Tanda Putra documentary that is expected to be screened on all TV stations before polling day, expect, too, that this latest sordid distortion of fact by UMNO will find its way into the homes of so many through news broadcasts on the television over the next few days.

You and I, who have come to know so well how low UMNO will sink to in order to stay in power, will not  be taken in by this latest move.

Many of our brothers and sisters, both in the cities and the heartlands, though, may not  be so well-informed.

We have but two things to fight this evil that UMNO will inflict upon our people.

The truth.

And the courage to speak it.

In these last days, let us not sit idle at home.

Rise, my friends, and take the truth to all corners of our nation.

God be with you.