Ah, tis sweet music to my ears. Camtu lah gua sokong sama lu, but can I ask two favours, please?

Posted on May 4, 2013



“I have no intention of taking revenge against him nor will we be conducting any investigation on him. However, this does not mean that the wealth of Petronas will continue to remain a monopoly in the hands of his cronies. Such ill gotten wealth must be returned to the people” – Anwar Ibrahim, on how Mahathir will be dealt with, as reported by Malaysiakini.

Yes, please.

All ill gotten wealth from all quarters must be returned to the rakyat.

Without exception, please.

Here’s the first favour, Mr Prime Minister-in-waiting, sir, if you please.

An amnesty period for all ill gotten wealth to be restituted, in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

Yes, go ahead and extend that offer to your ex-boss.

You  decide on the period of the amnesty offer, sir, but please, not ad infinitum.

The second favour?

If your ex-boss will not take up this offer to redeem himself, please, sir, let me have the AG’s fiat to prosecute the bastard.

Pro bono, sir.

It will be my pleasure.