I do not recognise Najib as my PM, or as legitimate, any government he forms

Posted on May 7, 2013



9th July, 2011, we were on the streets, demanding for free and fair elections.

Again, on 28th  April, last year, we demanded free and fair elections.

What did we get on 5th May?

Indelible ink that was, well, not quite so indelible, and a response by the EC on the day that the ink had to be ‘watered down’ in order to be fatwa-complaint.


Was the electoral roll cleaned and free of dubious voters?

Who were the thousands of foreigners who were flown in on chartered flights starting from 25th April?

Were they the same ones who tried to get into polling stations on polling day?

In Lembah Pantai?

Kelana Jaya?




Where else?

Were they the same ones who were escorted into the polling stations in some areas by the police?

Even as so many foreigners were prevented from getting into polling stations, how many managed to still get in and steal a vote for UMNO and BN?

How many of the advance voters, the indelible ink washed off, voted again on polling day?

How many postal votes, both here and overseas, were hijacked?

In how many tallying stations did the lights go out during counting and re-counting?

In how many tallying centres did ballot boxes appear from nowhere?

How did huge, seemingly unassailable leads by PR candidates, suddenly get overturned in the tallying centres?

We demanded free and fair elections.

What was paraded before us on 5th May was anything but free and fair.

Najib has not received a mandate, through free and fair elections, to administer this nation.

We are, more than ever before, a nation in distress.