Why Nurul is MP of Lembah Pantai today

Posted on May 7, 2013


many-colours-one-dreamABUFirstly, Nurul owes it to the 31,008 who gave her a vote of confidence on 5th May.

Then she owes it to the many who stood guard outside polling stations on the day, warding off the foreigners who came to vote.

God only knows how many got through, though.

Well, God, and possibly Nong Chik.

Her team of polling and counting agents did an admirable job.

Read Johann Sze’s account on Facebook HERE.

Here are excerpts relevant to this post.

“…After recounting it twice, we were quite happy as with that results, Nurul has unofficially won, provided my maths has not failed me and that the figures given to me were accurate…Shortly after, we received news that TV3 and other government controlled media announced that Nurul has unofficially lost by 1800+ votes. Immediately the panic button triggered in the room and everyone started panicking. We immediately started looking for all the Form 14s from all the salurans from all the schools, a total of 120 of them and started cross checking and recounting. We had to ensure that we collected all the form 14s as that will be used as evidence in an event of any dispute. News about the FRU being deployed and teargas being fired outside the school didnt help to calm anyone in the room.

By this time, Nurul was already outside, talking to various groups of people and ensuring that everyone is calm and patient about the results despite being nervous herself. 
After slightly more than an hour, with the help of many volunteers, we managed to collect all 120 forms and we completed our final recount. Nurul has unofficially won with 31,008 against 29,161 with a margin of 1,817 votes!! Various ones started sharing the news across all social media platforms and we could hear the crowd outside the school cheering away! by this time, RNC’s supporters slowly left the site and RNC was no where to be seen. We proceeded to the main Dewan to wait for the official announcement. By this time, Nurul had a smile on her face and started to relaxed a bit more as different ones started congratulating her. She kept repeating the same line, “it’s not over until the fat lady sings”. What a tough lady, going through such intense pressure and stress and yet putting up a brave front! …Yes there were many stories on extra ballot boxes, unauthorized recounting, firing of teargas and fights with the FRU. Let me assure you that once you are in the final tallying center, it does not matter how many ballot boxes are there. The final count is derived by compiling the Form 14 from each Saluran, of which both parties and the SPR are required to sign. Ballot boxes are sealed and brought in as a formality. Recounting is only allowed in the respective Salurans of the schools, not at the final tallying centers. And this is only allowed if the margin of the saluran is less than 4%. IF we were actually required to recount in the tallying center, it would have been crazy, as we will need to recount up to 60,000 votes!!! No teargas was fired nor were there any confrontation with the FRU. Hence, please, do not spread stories which have not been verified, find out more and understand the election process and do not cause unnecessary distress among the people! I received countless of SMSs asking bout the extra mysterious boxes. Nothing of such at Lembah Pantai, at least. 

I was in the ABU war room when all this was happening, tracking the official and unofficial results, what was going on in the country, information coming in from various sources, and trying to update all on Facebook.

I got a phone call from someone who was at the tallying centre in Bangkung that  they were trying to  take ballot boxes into the Lembah Pantai tallying centre with police assistance. Crowd needed there.

I put out that alert on Facebook with my appeal : Rakyat, TAHAN your vote. Take photos and videos and upload. ABU! ABU! ABU!

Then I received the following information and put it up on Facebook : Residents in Bangsar surrounding police cars carrying boxes of ballot papers. They are not allowing the police cars to go in.

I know for a fact that many people went to Bangkung to defend the integrity of the votes of the 31,008 who voted for Nurul.

We heard that the FRU had also gone to Bangkung.

I don’t know if Johann Sze is right and that there were no such incidences outside the tallying centre.

But to those of you who responded to the SOS call, you are the heroes of the day.

In the days to come, I am sure, information will surely emerge of how in other constituencies, lights went out at tallying centres and ballot boxes previously unaccounted for were suddenly discovered, to wipe out what were seemingly unassailable leads by PR candidates.



How, on a recount, ballots suddenly appeared from nowhere.


We may find that in those constituencies, voters were not on hand to defend the integrity of their vote.

Or, being there, were cowered by the presence of the police into inaction.

For this reason, I salute the people of Bangsar who came out to defend the integrity of the 31,008 votes for Nurul.