Excuse me, mata-mata, I am here to be arrested

Posted on May 8, 2013


many-colours-one-dreamModerator’s clarification at 3.29pm : It’s still Kelana Jaya stadium tonight, folks. Singa’s suggestion here was to elicit your thoughts on the same, not to announce a change of venue. See ya all tonight.


923089_576322912401152_1069880995_nBy Singa Terhormat

The IGP now warns the rakyat against attending tonight‘s rally (8th May, 2013) stating that they risk being arrested.

I had once suggested that things be done differently. In the run up to Bersih 3, I had suggested that in the face of warnings of arrest that had been issued, that the rakyat then , instead of converging at the appointed venue of a rally,  assemble at Bukit Aman in long queues of twos to inform the cops that they were going to save the police the trouble of tear-gassing them and chasing them through the streets to arrest them and that they ( the rakyat) had come to Bukit Aman to facilitate their own arrest. I would like to see how the police then handle this unique situation. Can they arrest people by the tens of thousands? Where do they house them and how do they feed them?
Sure, the cops can demand that we disperse but if the rakyat stand firm, what do they do? Arrest them? Well, that is what the rakyat turned up for. Tear-gas them? What if they return once the tear- gas has blown away?
How do the cops handle them then, knowing too that every act of theirs is being video’d by the thousands.
This is one way of us telling the police that we are not afraid to be arrested in standing up for our rights.
I am posing the same suggestion now to hear the views of all of you out there on this.