Yes, Pakatan, hear all views before you nominate the MB of Selangor

Posted on May 10, 2013


many-colours-one-dreamb15ddb6e-d433-43a5-889d-1c1009199260_zps7b228a41Here’s mine.

The people of Shah Alam showed one racist the toilet bowl, where he rightly belongs.

It’s  a pity we did not have the time to launch a ‘We don’t want a racist’ initiative in Gombak.

We might have been able to flush another racist into the sewer.

We had a damn good rally in Kelana Jaya the other night, that ought to give Najib an idea of things to come his way soon.

Now hear this, Pakatan.

I want Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim as MB.

Appoint Azmin and I will do my best to get a protest rally going outside the SUK building in Shah Alam.

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