Rakyat’s warning to those in public office

Posted on May 19, 2013


many-colours-one-dream923089_576322912401152_1069880995_nBy Singa Terhormat

Let this serve as a warning to all those currently holding public office.

First, you ought to know that the power you now enjoy is not indefinite and that  it is only a matter of time before power is returned to the people of this nation.

History has repeatedly shown the will of the people to be irresistible.

Second, understand that when power is re-taken by the people, it is their right to examine all that you have said, done or omitted to do during your tenure of public office.

Third, appreciate too that it is their right and responsibility to apply the full force of the law, irrespective of the position you may now enjoy, due regard being given to the principle that the higher the public office one may occupy, the greater the responsibility one owes to the people.

Fourth, take note that there are amongst the people now those who shall record and compile every little act done and statement made by those of you in public office that is against the interest of or can be construed as a betrayal of the people of this nation, or which contravenes the principles of Truth and Justice, to be suitably dealt with when power is returned to the people.

Fifth, this exercise to so record misdemeanours shall extend to every sphere of public life and shall include, but is not limited to politicians, civil servants and those in government and quasi-government agencies, the Police and Elections Commission included.

Sixth, a list of all misdemeanours recorded shall be updated and published online  with the people invited to add to  the list.

Seventh, take this as the only warning you shall receive and that we, the people of this nation, shall not over time forget what you do or fail to do and that we shall in due time ensure that the due process of  law shall run its course.