ABU War Fund : Second auditor, anyone?

Posted on June 13, 2013



923089_576322912401152_1069880995_nAccounts should be fully ready to be audited by this weekend.

sv-singamSingam, who led the first audit in October, last year, has confirmed that he is available to undertake this second audit, but, owing to his work commitments, has asked that the audit be carried out in Melaka.

Which suits me fine, given how much I enjoyed the Nyonya Baba food the last time round.

michelle-yoonMichelle, who was the second auditor the last time round, ha expressed a readiness to help out again, except that her work commitments presently will not allow her the luxury of  time to head down south to Melaka.

Thanks, Michelle.

Anyone ready to sit down with Singam and I some time next week to plough through documents and then adjourn for some excellent Nyonya Baba food?

The only qualification you will need for this job is that you are honest ( that effectively rules out any UMNO / BN supporter or cybertrooper ).

It would help if we are already known to each other so that it obviates the need for a background check.

If, you’re game, please send me an email at abuvolunteers@gmail.com

As I’d like to get the audit done before the rally at Padang Merbok next Saturday, I would be grateful if those interested would treat this with some urgency.