Are you happy now, Maha?

Posted on July 26, 2013


many-colours-one-dreamBy Malabar Munshi

Moderator’s note : For the avoidance of any doubt, the moderator associates with every word here.


Your paternal ancestors came from Malapuram,

To ply their trade in Malayadvipa.

They set their roots in Kadaram,

Now your winsome son is the Bendahara

Of this ancient civilized polity.


You must be happy!

As you have now clearly arrogated…

The right to proclaim the imperial edict.

Ignore the Rulers…

Follow my son (actually follow me!) ban the Shia!


Do you really reflect on things that..

You do with wanton impunity?

You destroyed the moral fibre of a community

Known for its cultured dignity.


You hated the Colonialists for their superciliousness.

Are you any different …

Towards the very people you claim to defend?

The pretending smile, the permanent smirk says it all!


You must be happy now Maha..?

A lifetime of ‘ketuanan’ brain-washing under your watch,

Has been a roaring success that even..

The immoral godless decadent West stand in awe!


Unthinking teachers that banish innocent kafir children

to tuck in the shower in the holy month.

Obviously aggrieved patients ranting about discrimination by

Chinese tsunami-type racists!

“Saya Hina Islam” vigilantes rising to your clarion call

Defend the “Agama dan Bangsa”.


You must be jumping for joy Maha…

They your fawning fans have learnt well.

Use religion, race, ‘whatever’ , as the excuse to kidnap, rob, and plunder;

The unsuspecting, illiterate, uninformed Rakyat.


Just one last piece of the jigsaw left..

Next Perhimpunan Agong…..

(With the exception of the ungrateful, low-class corporate-types, of course!)

The programmed ‘perwakilan sheep’ will make your dream come true.


The long-awaited moment is nigh.

Install your clown Prince…

The Bendahara of Malayadvipa,

to continue your vainglorious legacy.


Well perhaps finally…

A new empire will rise from the Malapuram- Kadaram roots,

And the feudalists and the masses will be happy for their eternal salvation; and

We can all hail the rise of the MahaDerhakaNagara dynasty!


Not quite Majapahit! …but

Surely a Hikayat must be written for posterity

You must be Happy Now, Maha!

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