ABU War Fund 2nd Audit : Update

Posted on July 31, 2013




The ABU co-ordinator and I were in Melaka on Saturday, 27th July.

By 10am sharp, we were with Judy and Singam and did not waste anytime and got down to the business of auditing the fund.

Singam and Judy closely scrutinizing the accounts

Singam and Judy closely scrutinizing the accounts

First business of the day was the matter of verifying the contributions that had come in since the last audit date, 5th October, last year.

This  having been done, attention was then turned to the weightier task, that of auditing the expenditures made from the fund.

After a while both auditors made a request : could the accounts be written up again to facilitate for an easier audit.

The co-ordinator took note of precisely what was required and has agreed to rewrite the accounts.

The audit will resume as soon as the accounts have been written up again.

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