Meaning of ABU

Posted on August 3, 2013


By Singa Terhormat

I almost inadvertently broke my fast by on 2nd August, 2013 by coming close to using expletives when I read the Malaysiakini report that Tengku Adnan Mansor claimed that ABU in fact means “Allah Bersama UMNO” or in other words, Allah is with UMNO.

ImageTengku Adnan

You said that during the holy month of Ramadhan, Adnan? The month when the Holy Qur’an was revealed as a guidance to mankind? Have you then received no guidance from it?

If as you claim Allah is with UMNO, pray tell how did UMNO then lose Lembah Pantai, for instance? Do you mean Allah was defeated in Lembah Pantai?

And if Allah indeed is with UMNO, Adnan, why then did UMNO have to resort to cheating in so many general elections including granting identity cards to unqualified foregners in Sabah and elsewhere? Why then the need for Project IC?

Do you think Allah will side with those who cheat? Most certainly you have a warped idea of your Creator, Adnan.

Be careful when you attribute matters to Allah, Adnan. Do you not heed the warning from Allah Himself that:

“And on the Day of Resurrection thou (Muhammad) seest those who lied concerning Allah with their faces blackened. Is not the home of the scorners in hell?”

… Surah Az Zumar Ayat 60 (39:60)

I guess you best be prepared, Adnan


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