Replying anna brellla

Posted on September 6, 2013




Regular commentator, anna brella. left two questions here by way  of comment to the post that carried the ABU War Fund auditors report.

I thought replying anna by way of a separate post might benefit others too.

The 2 questions :

I. What period do the accounts cover – cash receipts and expenditure from 6 October 2012 to 27 July 2013 or some other period?

ii. Is that surplus balance in hand the actual cash balance in ABU’s bank account?

Yes, anna, the period covered by the audit is from 6th October, 2012 up to 27th July, 2013 and captures all monies received and spent during this period.

As for the second question, let me first clarify that ABU itself does not have its own bank account.

As we did during the ABU campaign leading up to GE13, the ‘balance in hand’ has been withdrawn from the ‘dedicated accounts’ and kept in ‘safe houses’ to avoid the funds being ‘frozen’ in those accounts.

I hope this answers your inquiry, anna.

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