If you were leading ABU…

Posted on September 7, 2013




ABU’s SEAT ( Strategic Evaluation & Advancement Team ) met earlier today.

Yes, we’re working out ABU’s strategy to move forward.

But any strategist will tell you that in order to plan your moves, you need to know where you want to go.


My politics has not changed in the last 10 years.

It has been about taking the nation back from greedy politicians, giving what is long overdue to Sabahans and Sarawakians, restoring the institutions of state back to the people, and ending the marginalisation of the 40% or more anak bangsa Malaysia.

This, for me, still necessitates removing UMNO / BN from Putrajaya.

However, post PRU 13, I have questions about PR leading the nation in the charge, first, to bring UMNO / BN down, and, more importantly, delivering to the rakyat the reforms we so badly need.

I disclose this to you now as ABU’s SEAT works out the strategic plan for ABU, so that you may decide if you wish to have me continue in the ABU leadership, and to also open this space for you to lend your thoughts and guidance to us on the direction ABU should take.

In this regard, let me reproduce here a comment left by anna brella to get the discussion started.

“As an observer, I have a problem with understanding ABU’s objective as defined here as I find it somewhat unclear instead of the crystal clear clarity I would expect from such a broad but important statement of ABU’s driving objective/s.

 Would it help if ABU had the following twin objectives to drive forth?

 1. To bring about justice for the Rakyat through the promotion of the common human and democratic values of fairness and equal opportunities for all.

 (This means no Malaysian will be marginalised per se because all can expect to receive fair treatment through equality of opportunities based on their aptitude and need. The current statement of objective seems to imply the 60% who are not marginalised now have justice and equality which is not necessarily the case.)

 2. To campaign, inform and responsibly influence legislators, policymakers and the rakyat to bring about the first objective of justice for all.

 (This means support is necessary from MPs and the government for realising the first objective which is why there is a need to bring about the change of the unchanging UMNO/BN government. It also means ABU’s intention is to work within the acceptable boundaries of democratic principles, civil liberties, human rights and a just interpretation of laws and the rule of law.)

 Over to the ABU strategists to mull this over, or not”.