Were we delusional? Did I mislead you? Were we cheated? Let down?

Posted on September 13, 2013



923089_576322912401152_1069880995_nLet me answer the first two questions in the title to this post now.

No, I did not mislead you, and we were not delusional in believing we could take out UMNO / BN at the 13th GE.

On 14th February, 2012, in my “Strategising ABU” post, I wrote :

“Immediately after the 12th GE, the divide was 140 seats to BN, and 82 to opposition…We’ve done our homework, and identified the vulnerable BN seats that can be taken and the vulnerable opposition seats that need to be defended. In Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak. For obvious reasons, I’m not going to detail those seats I’ve just mentioned. Suffice to say that, if we can prise those vulnerable seats away from BN, and successfully defend the existing opposition seats, we should take Putrajaya with a total of 141 seats”.

Almost a year later, on 11th January, 2013, in my “Dear non-BN leaders, here’s my wish list on behalf of the rakyat” post, I presented a revised figure of the parliamentary seats we might be able to capture if we got  everything right.

“Based on information from our ground operators, it is well within our reach to displace UMNO / BN from Putrajaya, with non-BN parties winning 121 parliamentary seats, leaving UMNO /BN with only 101” .

To refresh your memory, in April, 2011, I was banned from entering Sarawak. 8 months later, in December, 2011, I landed in Kota Kinabalu but was refused entry into the state.

I was, thereafter, and until I could put in place paid operatives in both Sabah and Sarawak to obtain accurate information, beholden to local opposition party leaders for information as to what was happening on the ground.

By March, 2012, intelligence operatives, on behalf of ABU, were in place both in Sabah and Sarawak.

And we had also obtained the services of a market research outfit to enable ABU to formulate a strategic plan.

In August, 2012, in my  “Manchester’s Plan B is, at best, a no brainer, and, at worst, is proof of…” post, I wrote :

“The last few months, with a view to formulate our phase 2 plans, ABU has been undertaking a study on the ground to fully understand the sentiments. I will share with you what I can here. In Malaya ( what most of you call Semenanjung ), the support for BN and the opposition is split almost right down the middle. 50-50. What’s very clear is the Chinese vote is solidly behind the move for change. In Sarawak, BN still has a slight advantage. Sabah, though, is increasingly becoming the key to who will take Putrajaya post the 13th GE, with Jeffery’s STAR gaining ground daily with its Borneo Agenda, which is resonating with the people of Sabah…Recent reports, though, indicate that the Malay sentiment, both in the rural and urban areas, may be swinging back to UMNO, owing to the daily dose of lies and race/religion spin they get through Utusan and TV3 about the possible loss of Malay political dominance, about the danger of the ascendancy of DAP, and thereby the Chinese, if Pakatan comes to power, and this whole business of the hudud” .

By this time, our information was that if we got it right, we could take 121 parliamentary seats.

8 from Sarawak.

14 from Sabah.

99 from Malaya.

If we got it right.

Who would make up this ‘we’ that needed to get it all right if we were to remove BN from Putrajaya post the 13th GE?

In my  “Strategising ABU” post, I wrote :

“Now, I want to clarify here that by ‘we’, I do not mean Pakatan Rakyat. I mean the 3 Pakatan parties, working cohesively with the many other non-BN parties in Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak. And us, the rakyat. Lets be very, very clear about this. Pakatan Rakyat cannot and will not be able to bring BN to its knees by itself. Its going to require the combined force of all these parties working towards 1 goal : ABU. And that will require them to bury party egos, adopt a give and take attitude and work it so  that we offer only 1 candidate in every constituency” .

Let me say now that I truly believe that if all parties concerned had done their part, we had a real chance of displacing UMNO / BN from Putrajaya in the 13th GE.

Were we cheated by UMNO / BN?


I wont say anymore on this now and I will await to see first what comes out of the People’s Tribunal that is scheduled to kick off next week.

Were we let down?


By who and how?

Will share my thoughts on this in my next post.