How long more?

Posted on September 17, 2013



(Reflections on the 50th Malaysia Day)

by Jayanath Appudurai


For how long more…

Do we suffer these thieving fools?

Masquerading as our elected ‘trustees’,

Legitimised by a flawed electoral system,

Stage-managed by a beholden bunch of spineless clowns!

How long more ..?

Do we accept these lying guardians of the electoral system,

Pretending to listen to our pleas to reform,

Determined to undermine our democratic rights?

How long more…?

Do we tolerate the incompetent custodians of public safety,

Decidedly bent on playing politics and propping up a tottering regime

And beating so called criminals and innocents to death alike?

How long more…?

Do we accept these fawning career public servants,

And co-opted public servants behaving like members of a political party,

Sacrificing the principles of good governance, and

Trying to outdo each other as. ….

“ I am the more brilliant grovelling sycophant,Sir”!

How long more…?

Do we politely tolerate the lunatic rantings of

Ib Ali, Rid Tee, Zul N, Has Ali &

And mindless pronouncements of edicts

Their equally mad clergy friends and ex-judges,

Ably protected by the AG, the IGP & their fawning imbeciles?

How long more…?

Do we unwittingly support the media lap-dogs,

The pretending editors and journalists,

Determined to spin stories and hawk venom on behalf of their Masters?

How long more….?

Do we pay attention to pseudo-academics,

Claiming to be experts and professionals,

Continuing to praise and defend a regime based on opinion surveys

not worth the paper it’s printed on?

How long more…?

Do we politely accept the considered views

Of sponsored NGOs….

Quite happy to collect the largesse

And sing the praises of the regime.

Most importantly…,

For how long more…

Are we going to allow the Puppet Master par excellence..

This self styled Chanakian, Machiavelli, Maverick

Set the agenda for the Nation..and

Continue to poison the minds of the People?

Decide and Act,

But don’t wait too long….

Another 50 years would

be too late already!

“Selamat Hari Malaysia Ke-50”