No worry, mates. My ABU work ain’t done yet

Posted on September 22, 2013



I am outside the country now.

Have been since the 9th of this month.

Returned home for a few hours on the 20th and was out again the same day.

Have been receiving text messages from several reporters seeking my confirmation and, if true, comment,  about a story in the Malaysianinsider that the Australian immigration authorities had refused me a visa to enter their country.

I needed to be in Sydney on the 25th of this month to attend to a personal matter.

Got in touch with my buddy, John, in Sydney, to tell him about my trip there and John in turn got in touch with other anak bangsa Malaysia Down Under and before I knew anything, I had been slated to speak in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

All of this, including attending to my personal matter on the 25th, of course, hinged on the approval of my visa application.

Last Thursday, 19th September, I received the notice of refusal in relation to my application for a visa, from the Australian authorities, and the reasons wherefor.

I return home this week and am hoping to get the opportunity to meet the relevant officer(s) at the Australian High Commission with a view to allaying some misapprehensions they appear to have about my intended visit to their country, and, if possible, a re-consideration of their earlier decision on my application.

For that reason, I will not say anymore on this matter.

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