G’day, mate. Let me in, will ya? I promise I’ll be on my way once the party is over

Posted on October 9, 2013



Noon, today, I was at the Australian Visa Application Centre.

Submitted a fresh application for a visa.

In Form 1415.

For a business visitor visa.

I’ve indicated in the form that I would like to be there some time between 20th of this month to the 20th of next month.

Whilst I have stated again that my purpose in seeking to visit Australia is to attend to the same personal matter that remains unattended now because I could not be there last month due to the refusal of a visa to me, I have also stated in the application form that “I expect that if a visa is approved to me, and once it is known that I will be in Australia, I will be invited to speak at forums. Unless prohibited in any visa approved to me, I will accept any such invitations to speak”.

Nothing more to do but wait, I guess.

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