Can’t take anymore of that stench from Putrajaya! Can you?

Posted on October 13, 2013




Last 22nd May, the night before I was arrested, I met up with a couple of UMNO people, at their request.

They said they had something important to tell me.

We met.

They told me I was to be arrested the following Monday, in relation to my speech at the Chinese Assembly Hall on 13th May.

I thanked them for the alert and said I was ready for whatever was to come.

Then one of them assured me that he would  assist by getting me an appointment with the Home Minister, to try and work out something for me.

“Who the @#$% is that?”, I asked.

“Zahid Hamidi”, was the short reply.

zahid shit

My response was even shorter.

“If I do not recognise Najib as PM, how can I even acknowledge this man as a member of the cabinet?”.


Indian thugs killing Malays?

So shoot to kill?

Samseng Melayu, the Home Minister is with you, so carry on with whatever you guys do best?

Where’s Najib and his 1Malaysia?

Nation in distressSo what?

Live with this madness for another 5 years?

Await GE14?

Seriously, as I sit with the ABU Strategic Evaluation and Advancement Team ( SEAT ) to work out a strategy, I would love to hear from you folk.