One God, One Globe, One People : We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving

Posted on November 12, 2013


many-colours-one-dreamFriday, last week, I woke up to distressing news.

Early that morning, Typhoon Haiyan hit landfall in the Philippines.

I have family who live in the mountainous area in the Visayas.

For almost  30 hours, as news reached all of us that we were witnessing the most powerful typhoon ever unleash its wrath on the Filipino islands, the total collapse of all communication systems and lines meant family up in the mountains were not contactable and so we were in the dark if they were okay.

Then late Saturday, we received word that all were okay, but the house had been badly damaged.

Yet, even as that much awaited news came in, TV news reports began to prepare us for what might be the worst natural disaster since the tsunami of 2004.

Humanity is again called upon to give of that which we have in limitless abundance : LOVE.

One news report last night had it that some 4 million children are affected.

You want to do your bit but don’t know how?

UNICEF has launched a Philippines Children’s Disaster Appeal. You can reach it HERE.

God bless.