Buying out the free media in cyberspace?

Posted on November 18, 2013




By Hummingbird


The allocation of RM6.85 billion for the Prime Minister’s Department under the 2014 Budget is highly questionable.

The most mysterious of the five items listed in the allocation is something referred to as ‘Dana Fasilitasi’ or Facilitation Fund.

The amount allocated to ‘Dana Fasilitasi’ is RM4 billion.

According to an extremely reliable source, prior to the 2014 Budget, the Prime Minister’s Department has been funding various news portals with the intention to subliminally or blatantly disseminate pro-BN propaganda.

Among the news portals involved is Malaysian Digest when it is said to receive a monthly aid of RM200,000 from the Prime Minister’s Department.

Coincidentally the person in-charge of running Malaysian Digest is Onn Hafiz Ghazi who happens to be Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein Onn’s nephew. Onn Hafiz is one of the recently elected Umno Youth exco members.

This is a clear reason as to why we need more alternative news portals since Umno is going all out to ‘buy out’ the existing ones.