Seditious? To love your country?

Posted on February 5, 2014




I was in the KL Sessions Court this morning for  the mention in relation to the pending sedition charge against Adam, Tamrin, Hisham, Safwan, Tian Chua and myself.

What’s the status?

Prosecution had applied last year to have all of us tried together.

The application was opposed.

The Sessions Court dismissed the prosecution’s application.

Prosecution’s appeal against this decision to the High Court was dismissed on 23rd October last year.

The prosecution has appealed that decision of the High Court and this second appeal is now fixed to be heard in the Court of Appeal on the 20th of February, this year.

The charges against the six of us before the Sessions Court is now set for further mention on 28th February to await the outcome of  the appeal in the Court of Appeal.