Mosquito bite, or bee sting, on an elephant’s ass?

Posted on February 6, 2014




We all have our thoughts on why the “Allah issue” is being played to the hilt, and on why the raid and confiscation of the copies of the Holy Bible  was carried out by JAIS.

Efforts by Marina Mahathir and friends to extend a hand of friendship and solidarity with Christians went down well with most right-thinking Malaysians.

“Right-thinking”, by definition, excludes the likes of Ibrahim Ali  and his merry men in Perkasa.

We all saw how Perkasa berated Marina and her friends.

Were the commendable efforts by Marina and friends even the least bit effective in thwarting the evil agenda behind the raid and confiscation?

Share your thoughts, please, and your reasons why you feel they were effective or otherwise.

What, in your view, can right-thinking citizens do to neutralise the damage sought to be done by the raid and confiscation and the continued playing up of  this issue?