Reaching out to our street friends

Posted on February 8, 2014



Just got home a little while ago from a night out in KL with my family.

We joined a group called Reachout SAMSUNG ( check them out on Facebook ) who are out on the streets in KL every night to bring food, friendship and hope to our friends who, for a variety of circumstances, are forced to make the streets their home. ( I used to refer to them as the homeless. I just learnt the phrase ‘street friends’ tonight. ).

All in, there were about 2o of us, with almost half from UIA.

The leader of tonight’s run shared with us that on Friday nights, the food packs distributed were lower in number than other nights because many of the street friends go into hiding to avoid the attention of DBKL officers who come out, pick them up, get their details and then relocate them elsewhere.

Tonight, we had about 85 packets of hot food and a similar number of water bottles.

Just a little after midnight, we started the distribution outside Masjid Negara.

Street friends outside Masjid Negara collecting food and water

Street friends outside Masjid Negara collecting food and water

Next, it was to the area close to Hotel Malaya.

Then, next to Bangkok Bank.

Street friends near Bangkok Bank

Street friends near Bangkok Bank

It was about 12.45am now and we were down to the last 20 or so food packs.

Final stop : the clock tower opposite the Bar Council.

The remaining packs were just enough.

We were finished a little after 1 am.