Anak bangsa Malaysia are doing it for themselves

Posted on February 10, 2014




I had intended to go lodge my police report after lunch  yesterday against those ugly fellas and then head off to a briefing that I was to do for some ABU eagles.

I got a phone call to say that if I would defer lodging my report until after the briefing, some of the  eagles would like to join me to lodge their reports too.

Heading out with the eagles has always been fun so I readily agreed.

Seven of us got to the Balai Polis Brickfields on Jalan Kelang Lama around 8pm last night, each armed with a copy of the translation, with useful amendments, by Arun Paul, of the template report I had prepared earlier.

We informed the officer on duty that seven of us intended to make identical reports and that he should save the first report done and then copy and paste for the six others.

Once the first report, which was mine, was done, I was asked to proof read and to sign two copies if it was in order.

The fun was about to start.

I informed the officer that in in the space after “KETURUNAN”, I wished to have inserted “ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA”.

The officer explained to me that the options in the drop-down box in the soft copy standard form police report did not allow for it.

I explained that this was part of the effort of many of us to oppose being race-stereotyped or to be used by certain quarters in the country with a racist agenda.

The officer smiled, and made a few phone calls to see how this could be resolved.

A quick chat with some of the others and I went back with the officer with a suggestion.

She could go ahead and insert any of the options from the drop-down box and I would delete the same on the printed copies  that were to be signed, write out “ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA” in its place and sign against the amendment.

The officer agreed, and that is how my report got done.

The six others elected to go the same route and the police officer went along with that.

We were out of the police station a little after 9pm.

Eagles, proud of you guys.

The 3 missing from this photo were to hungry to wait

The 3 missing from this photo were to hungry to wait