Forum :Towards A Fairer Electoral System

Posted on February 14, 2014




Date: 15th & 16th Feb,
Time: 8am – 6pm,
Venue: Civic Centre Auditorium, MBPJ, Petaling Jaya
Register here:
Day 1 and 2 require separate registration.

Topics of interest:


Day 1:

  • ·  If seats were fairly drawn, would PR have won GE13? by Ng CN, TM Delimitation Analyst
  • ·  International criteria for Fair Delimitation, Dr. Lisa Handley, President Frontier International Consultant
  • ·  Malaysia’s Delimitation Criteria bench-marked against International Criteria, by Dr. Bridget Welsh, Singapore Management University
  • ·  Free and Fair Election from the perspective of UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by SUHAKAM Commission Tan Sri Hasmy Agam
  • ·  Tindak Malaysia’s Delimitation Report on 222 Parliamentary seats, by KY Wong, TM Delimitation Analyst
  • The Malaysian Public Perspectives on Conduct of Elections, Ibrahim Suffian, Merdeka Center Co-founder
  • Malapportionment, gerrymandering and seat increase, by Dr. Wong Chin Huat, Fellow Penang Institute
  • Delimitation: The Rakyat’s Rights and Role, by Thomas Fann, Chairman, ENGAGE

Day 2:

  • ·  International criterial for a Fair Electoral System, by Dr. Lisa Handley,
  • ·  Strengthening the EC, by Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah, ex-Deputy Minister of Higher Education,
  • ·  History of Malaysia’s electoral system – learn when it started going downhill, by Dr. Lim Hong Hai, ex-Professor USM,
  • ·  More MP’s for Sabah & Sarawak – An East Malaysian Perspective, by Prof James Chin, Monash U
  • ·  Rectifying a historical injustice – More MP’s for Sabah and Sarawak, by PY Wong, TM Founder,
  • ·  Projek Beres Proposals for Electoral Reform – Defining what is free and fair elections, Syahredzan Johan, Projek Beres spokesman,
  • ·  Delimitation and the concept of democracy, by Dr. Shahruddin Baharudin, Director Akademi Pendidikan Demokrasi & Kewarganeraan,
  • ·  Timeline for electoral reform by the EC – How fast can it be done? by SV Singam, TM Senior Trainer