Ok, ok, so what is the second biggest obstacle to our taking Putrajaya and bringing HAPPINESS to the rakyat?

Posted on February 21, 2014




Two my “What is the biggest obstacle…” post yesterday, there were, at the time of writing up this post, 21 responses here and another 41 responses on Facebook, where the same posting was uploaded onto my FB page.

Thank you, all.

A great many of you said the biggest obstacle is us, ourselves, you and I, the rakyat.

Our mindsets.

Our fears.

Our reluctance to come out of our own comfort zone and to go beyond being mere armchair critics.

I guess all of those many responses can be best summed up by the words of Mahatma Gandhi :  You must be the change you want to see in the world.

I am in complete agreement with all of you, but I have to be honest and say here that when I wrote that post yesterday, I did not have this in mind.

What I had in mind yesterday, and which today I will happily concede to the same being the second biggest obstacle to our kicking UMNO / BN out of Putrajaya, is spotlighted by 2 responses.

First, the response by Quinnie Choong on FB : “The government. The rakyat are being confused by them”.

Second is the comment by Wanabe Lawyer here : “It is the Malay-Muslim electorate especially in the rural area coupled with the main stream media”.

Let me try and illustrate the point I am trying to make.

In my “Mosquito bite, or bee sting…?” post, I sought your views whether the commendable efforts by Marina and friends to extend a hand of friendship and solidarity with Christians was in any way effective in thwarting the evil agenda behind the raid and confiscation.

In my view, no.


Even as the mainstream media, on a near daily basis, airs the hate and racist vitriol of the likes of Ibrahim Ali and Zul Nordin, they gave no coverage to the efforts of Marina and friends.

Another example.

Dr M, at a Perkasa do at PWTC, spins lies about the Chinese wanting to take the little that the Malays have, all that he says is confined to the audience present.

It is the mainstream media that takes these lies into the Malay heartlands.

In the morning, on the front page of Utusan and Berita Harian.

8pm, nightly, prime time news on RTM, TV3 and the rest.

It is the mainstream media that gives life to UMNO / BN’s racist divide and rule of the rakyat, while the plunder of the national wealth by the too-long sitting regime is conveniently overlooked.

Without the mainstream media as its tool, UMNO / BN would have been finished a long, long time ago.

It is in this sense that I mean that they are the second biggest obstacle, bigger than even UMNO / BN, to our bringing happiness, justice and equality to our people.

Yes, we the people, not yet sufficiently conscientised to rise, go beyond mere commenting on blogs like this, and each do their little bit, are our own worst enemy.

The mainstream media is a close second.

I want to reproduce here a comment from Jamy to my last post, and then close this post with two short announcements.

 “It is us – the Rakyat – who sit in our comfy corners, enjoy our mid-class conveniences, ever-ready to be the first to give our insightful take on the latest govt sham cos we are so on top of the latest “dirt disclosures” online…. but are also equally quick to express frustration at taking on steps deemed “too difficult” and “too hopeless” but which in reality must be undertaken if we ever want to right what is wrong. Its that habit of ours to justify our inaction but will cheer on the next guy to go out there and do it as we applaud and express our gratitude!

Acknowledging our situation and our part in contributing to the mess we are in, only leaves us remaining at the start of our journey to change….getting up and out of our comfy corners and joining others to do something active and concrete about it… even in small but active positive measure helps us to begin that journey.

We NEED to be ONE”.

ABU has not gone away.

We have been strategizing.

And we are ready.

We will shortly announce an ABU recruitment drive for volunteers in the hope of availing to all of you an avenue to overcome your “frustrations at taking on steps deemed “too difficult” and “too hopeless” but which in reality must be undertaken if we ever want to right what is wrong”.

And next Monday, 24th February, ABU, together with its collaborators, will launch the first part of our vehicle to, God willing, enable you, the rakyat, to collectively beat the mainstream media at its evil game.