Unidentified flying object? And RMAF did zilch?

Posted on March 12, 2014




Moderator’s note : Commentator Cliffton Sum sent this in by way of comment : Radar might be able to distinguish between commercial and other aircrafts by its Squawk code. Commercial airlines have specific Squawk code.


Did anyone else catch the 5pm press conference earlier today led by Kerismudin on the missing MH370?

When one of the reporters asked about the late disclosure by the RMAF about the much spoken of sighting of the missing aircraft on the military’s primary radar, Air Force chief Rodzali Daud proffered the explanation that what was seen on the radar was a ‘plot’ and they could not say definitely if this was indeed MH370. When pressed, he confirmed that this ‘plot’ occurred on the radar at 2.15am, 200 miles north-west of Penang.

Rodzali categorically said that efforts to corroborate this piece of information was on-going and for now, it could only be taken as a possibility that the “plot” was that of the missing MH370.

Another reporter then asked why, when the ‘plot’ appeared on the military primary radar, no military aircraft was sent to intercept the ‘plot’?

I thought I heard Rodzali reply that such action would only be undertaken if the ‘plot’ was shown on the radar as ‘hostile’. Instead, what was on the radar screen was “commercial”.

Did I hear him correctly?

And if I did, is this correct? The radar viewing equipment can distinguish “hostile” from “non-hostile” or “commercial” flying objects?

Another military officer present at the press conference later offered another piece of disturbing information.

He said that after the search for the missing MH370 was well underway in the South China Sea area, a review of the military radar readings was done and it was then that the “plot” was seen as possibly being the missing MH370, suggesting a turn back from its original route.

Search efforts in the Straits of Malacca was then undertaken, he said.

If I have heard and understood all that was said correctly, this would mean that our military detected an unidentified flying object within our airspace at 2.15am that morning, did nothing and, until now, do not know what that object was.

Except that it was “commercial”, and not “hostile”.