Why we need the Social Inclusion Agenda

Posted on March 18, 2014




See the graphic below?


If these government figures are to be believed, then all is well with Malaysians.

Poverty and deprivation of basic needs, like food, education, health and economic opportunities are alien to Malaysia.

Only 108,000 households out of a total of 6.3 million are poor?

If true, then the government has done an excellent job to eradicate poverty and unequal income distribution.

Look at the poverty line income (PLI) adopted to arrive at these figures.

Unrealistic, to say the least.

Take it up to RM1500 – 1800 and the percentage of the population who live impoverished lives escalates back almost to what it was in 1970, when we did not as yet have oil and gas wealth.

To know how the Social Inclusion Agenda ( SIA ) might help us to correct this unacceptable state of affairs, click on the graphic above.

If you would like to have those little details of the SIA in the Malay language, click on the graphic below.