My pledge to you, Zorro

Posted on April 4, 2014






8th March, this year, I was overseas when I got a phone call.

It was Zorro.

I answered.

“Haris, I am in hospital. I’m leaving”, is what I heard my buddy say, or at least that is what I thought he had said.

I told Zorro I was overseas, and that I would see him when I got back to KL.

I immediately called Arthur, told him of the call and then said I was not sure if Zorro had said he was ‘leaving’ or ‘bleeding’.

Arthur said he would check on Zorro and keep me posted.

After I returned from overseas, the missus and I dropped by at the hospital to see Zorro.

He had just had a procedure done earlier that day, appeared extremely tired and so we did not stay long, promising to return when he was up to visitors.

About a week ago, I spoke to Karen to find out if Zorro was up to visitors.

She said he had just been through another surgical procedure and would let us know.

zorroEarlier today, I got word that my buddy left today for a far better place, ahead of us.

I suspect he has gone ahead to make sure that the bar’s well-stocked for those coming after.

And another buddy who had spoken to Karen said the lovely lady made it very clear that Zorro would not want his friends to be coming round to his official send-off looking all sombre.

Too right, Karen.

I am told that if you want to pay your last respects, you can head out to Parlour 1 at St Ignatius Church, No. 2, Jalan SS25/23 Taman Plaza 47301 PJ tomorrow and Sunday between 1pm and 10pm. Wake prayers on both these days will take place at 8pm.

Funeral mass will be at 11am on Monday, 7th April, at the same church.

I am off tonight to raise a glass in honour of my buddy and to pledge that we will carry on the fight to rid this nation of that cancer called UMNO / BN.